December 2009

Feelin’ Special

This past weekend was Vanessa and Bryan’s wedding. I have been looking forward to their wedding since they hired me last November! They are one of those couples who are so much fun to be around because they are best friends. Needless to say, it was a delightful weekend and I had a blast. It was a very large wedding on the north side of Lexington.

Bryan’s parents sent me an official invite the rehearsal dinner at the Bell House in Lexington. Janet (MOG) is Martha Stewart only funnier and sweeter. I didn’t know the Bell House could be so beautiful. She’d had a florist come in with roses, evergreen and magnolia leaves for a southern touch. Wow!

The best part: I had my own place setting with an ornament and my name and “photographer.” It’s official: <smiles> I must be special. I am honored:) Merry Christmas!

Wedding: Amy and J

True. I haven’t been the best about blogging frequently. I don’t really have any good excuses so I won’t try.:) Here are some beautiful images from a November 7 wedding in Lawrenceburg. The reception was at the historic Barry Hill Mansion in Frankfort.

Amy, the bride is an artist at heart. She carefully crafted the colors and theme to weave throughout the entire ceremony and reception. The cute “free bird” necklace she wore in her and J’s engagement photos appeared at the reception on the napkins and on top of the cake. Pretty cool. She was a gorgeous bride.

Here’s her story on how J proposed:

“It was October 3rd, 2008. We were in New York visiting his family and J wanted to watch the sunrise with me the next morning. We woke up at 6am to go to Lake Erie. It was freezing cold outside, but it was beautiful. We held each other and he told me he loved me more than anything. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and then got down on one knee (held out a ring) and asked me to marry him! I said yes… It was perfect. When we got too cold, we got in the car and listened to a playlist he made with our favorite songs on it. It was so sweet. We drove up really close to the water and watched the sunrise a little more.”

Very simple and sweet.

a quick photo in the foyer

Beautiful maids in red and black

free birds find a place to rest

love birds

a tribute to those Yankees for the groom

Leaving Gotham: Going Home

A good friend of mine is moving from Cincinnati back to his native New York City. Over time, his apartment has become known as the Batcave. It’s been the home of many good times, trying times and growing times. As a celebration of his last few weeks in the grassy meadow lands of Ohio, we all decided to take some photos. Yes, we look like a band with our array of edgy finishes. Slim gets the award for the best faces. The funny thing about these band photos- none of us play the guitar or bass except Russ. Russ-we will miss you!

"Thomas Concognis", "Slim Natey", Russ "New York", "Nature Girl"

something dramatic

Friends until the End

I recently took some photographs for a group of friends at Asbury College. These students were so much fun-willing to try anything! This was the weekend before Thanksgiving and if you’ll notice some of the young women are wearing sandals! I love warm weather!