February 2010

Published: Easter Card for St. Vincent Du Paul, Cincinnati

I photographed Sarah and Wade’s wedding in December. It just so happened Sarah works for the St. Vincent Du Paul Society in Cincinnati. Every year the organization uses the work from a local photographer for their Christmas and Easter cards. I’m so thankful and excited that Sarah passed my name along because St. Vincent’s decided to use my work! My friend’s little girl Avery was the perfect model for this year’s Easter card.

Thank you Sarah and Wade. Thank you Vincent Du Paul. God works in ways you can never expect. So, hi Cincinnati and happy Easter!


Sally and Nathan have the cutest little guy around. Sally is a photographer too but she noticed that all the photos she had of two-month-old Max were of either him or him and his dad, Nathan. She was starting to think people were going to think Nathan was a single dad! So she had me come over and take some family photos. Here’s one from the last’s week’s session.

The world is a big bright place!


It’s a classic Saturday afternoon. It’s time to relax-like a cat in the sun.

Yeah. It’s kinda like that.

Kentucky in the Snow

I found some unique things in the snow at Shaker Village yesterday. It’s very quiet out there when it’s cold. Still beautiful though.

Jeanette & Thomas: Music City Engagement

Jeanette and Thomas: together a creative couple. They knew exactly where they wanted photographs taken. After all, they know Nashville. Neither one being a native, over time they have both fallen in love with this big city’s down home, small town feel. At night we took some photographs by the capitol building then made our way over to Hillsboro Village. Thomas knew of some great lighting in a low traveled alley. The next day we shot on the Scarritt Bennett grounds and Belmont University. Both place have beautiful architecture. Here’s some of the many frames we captured:

Dark Alley

Dark allies. I’ve always heard to not take them. I could get hurt, mugged or worse. On the contrary, I could find something amazing-secret doorway, hidden treasure. Kinda like love I guess. Brave enough?

Dark allies aren’t always bad. It just depends on who you meet.

Sweet kiss by a lonely light

More of Jeanette and Thomas’ engagement session in Nashville coming soon!

Skyline Time

More Cincinnati views. Note to self: taking outdoor photographs is much better when it’s above 20 degrees.

From Kentucky

Twinkling Town on the River

The Queen City: a Small Glimpse of Her Splendor

Magellan; that’s what you can call me. Exploring is in my blood. I live for the chance to discover something new. I’ve made Cincinnati my new “new world.” Obviously people have lived here for centuries, the city itself was founded in 1790 as Losantiville-13 years before Ohio became a state. Revolutionary War General St. Clair later changed the name to Cincinnati, after the Society of Cincinnatus. Her population growth and importance in commerce and river trade made her the biggest, most bustling city in the west. She was know as the “Queen of the West” or just “The Queen City.”

So, because I live so close to such a gem, I’m going to find the most beautiful parts of the city. The places where you’d expect and the places you’d normally never give a second thought to-I’ll find them. I will show them to you in a way you’ve never seen them before! You’ll discover Cincinnati too:)

View from Mt. Adams

How to be Not-So-Boring

If it tells a story, if it leaves you wondering, if it makes you look twice, if it makes you smile; then it will make a good photograph. I’m not saying don’t take photos unless it meets these criteria. Hey-burn up the shutter! That’s my motto.

You want to present your work in a way no one has seen it before. Chocolate chip cookies are great but it’s exciting to try something new and exotic. What will a hint of lime do? What if I use peanut butter chips? Add more vanilla? Same concept with a photo. What if I take a photo of just part of the horse? What makes a horse a horse? How much of the horse can I leave out of the photo and still call it a horse?

The $27 Paintbrush

There it is. The paintbrush I paid $27 for 2002 while studying art at Belmont University. A person ends up buying all kinds of materials like that in art school. I betcha didn’t know a small brush like that could be so expensive. I can’t remember the brand and I’ve used it so much the writing has long worn off. You’re probably wondering why someone would pay that much for something so small. I say it’s worth every penny. When wet with paint and turpentine, it becomes pin-sharp at the point for precise thin lines! True, I’m biased. I’m an art nerd to the core; hopelessly creative. Painting is something I have done a lot of and still do, especially in the summertime when everything outside is so colorful and full of life. You can learn a lot about photography from painting. Colors, shading, light studies and composition all translate. Photoshop is referred to as digital painting and Illustrator as digital drawing. I dig it all! My hands smell like linseed oil right now:)

Arsenal of weapons