March 2010

Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Kentucky’s Capitol

If it’s eccentric, little known, unusual, out-of-the way: I crave it. Frankfort is kinda like that. It’s Kentucky’s little known capitol. It’s true! I hear talk of Louisville and Lexington all the time but not the city that holds the government offices of the state. It’s along the old state highways, that’s why. Most folks take the interstate to get somewhere fast. America was built on those highways. It’s the highways that you go slow for, take in the atmosphere of a place.

Frankfort is a town full of character with it’s many bridges and colorful buildings. The winding Kentucky River slowly meanders through downtown, gently kissing the bends and valley floors. There is so much history here; so many stories. You’ll have to come and get a smooth cup of coffee at the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe, sit outside and watch the train pass through. Maybe you’ll be able to envision the streets bustling with people on a warm, summer evening long ago.

Kentucky Capitol Building


A Tuip Tree in the Afternoon Shower

The Grand Theater

From the KY side

It’s almost funny that I have lived so close to Cincinnati and have not really started to explore it until the last few months. In my defense, most people live in an area and NEVER get to know its history, its beauty or even the name of some its most famous landmarks. I’d like to discover the Queen and paint her in a new light. I can’t wait until it gets warmer. Then I can get some breathtaking night shots.

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge has a twin in New York City better know as the Brooklyn Bridge. Cinci’s bridge was built first; some say as a prototype.

A view of the Scripps Center from outside the US Bank Arena.

View of the city from Kentucky’s Devou Park. Yes it’s rather brown and dull but give spring a couple weeks to work her magic.

Going Blue

I love blue. My eyes are very blue; a beautiful cobalt. It’s the color of the sky, the ocean. It’s the color of big things, free things. God loved blue so much He made a special time in each day, called the “blue hour” where the sky turns mezmorising shades of blue. It happens twice a day and is more like a fleeting 15-minute window. One must prepare in advance to catch this fast-footed beauty!

Downtown Nicholasville gave me the perfect “state route” old town feel for the photograph. I framed. I metered. I waited. Just as the sun dipped and it’s golden tone slipped from the sky, I began shooting. The rolling boiling clouds gave a nice texture to the blues. But man oh man! What a gem the final shot turned out to be. Black is nice for city light shots but blue is divine:)

Blue in Town

The Billings Family

Togetherness is inspirational

Togetherness is inspirational

Here they are: Nathan, Sally, Max and Cole their speckled-tongued dog. What a great family. Sally had several inspirational photos in mind. This one right below I wish I could take credit for. Yes I took it but it was her idea. She is also a great artist and photographer in Lexington, creating custom jewelry and fine art photography. Needless to say, this was a fun-filled, relaxing shoot.

Sally's boys

great times

red barron

eyes to die for

look at those eyes:)

Love comes in all sizes

Good Buddies