April 2010

Laura & JC: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

I met Laura and JC at Gratz Park on a perfectly warm April evening. It was the kind of night you want to light the tiki torches, sit in an Adirondack chair with your feet propped on the porch rail as you watch the sun go down. They were such good sports as we found places around the park for photos. We ended up on a walking excursion finding way too many places for fun images. So many colors-so little time. We even passed another couple getting their photos taken! Throughout our session we discovered we all had been in marching band as college students-music is how they met. I knew we were family:) As the light faded, we headed over toward the opera house. Unfortunately the lights weren’t on, making any moody night shots there not too possible. It’s a good thing cities are filled with night lights because we found a few more unique spots for stellar photos!

I asked Laura to give me a few words on how proposed:

Both JC and I play in the Central KY Concert Band, and for our season opening concert, the final song of the concert was to be a Christmas piece. I knew we were going to have Santa come on stage to join us and ring in the season. When my first-chair clarinetist to my right got up to move her stand to the other side of the stage, I thought nothing of it, just that she was making room for Santa. Next thing I see is JC kneeling down next to me with an open ring box! The audience gasped! My hand immediately covered my mouth in shock. He was so nervous, all he could do was whisper, “I love you… Will you marry me?” At this point I’m just sobbing, and could only nod my head in agreement. I remember people clapping and cheering, but needless to say it was difficult to play our last song. It was so sweet and fitting for two musicians!

Such sweet flowering trees

Looking forward to October. It’ll be here before we know it! Congratulations Laura and JC.

Lexington, KY Wedding: Amanda & Benjamin

It was a beautiful, clear sunshiny spring morning. Not typically how you’d picture an April weekend. More like a dream-especially for a wedding! Amanda married Benjamin at the First Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY.  She was a gorgeous bride surrounded by her friends and family helping her get ready for such a life changing day!

Cinderella’s slippers

Then it was off to the reception at Buffalo Trace Distillery-a gorgeous place for any occasion. History, culture and beautiful landscape made for a perfect backdrop to the celebration.

And so, it starts….:)

Lexington, KY Engagement Photography: Sarah & Justin

The photographs I take of a couple relay their personalities to the viewer.
There is something unique about each photo session. I think you should be
able to look at a photograph of a couple (or series of photos) and be able
to tell what those two people are like; what their love is like. How true
this is with Sarah and Justin. They are two of the nicest people you'll
ever meet. Very easy-going and just genuinely great to be around. They
picked a beautiful farm, Leatherwood Stud, out toward Paris, to take photos.
Vibrant green, rolling hills, ample black fence and stately stables adorned
the property. It was my version of an "eye candy land.":) I asked Sarah
to write a few words about how Justin proposed.

Here's our proposal story:
Ok so Justin proposed to me when we went on
vacation with his family at the beach. It was our second night there
he asked if we could take a walk down on the beach late that night. Of
course i said yes.  He also asked his brother and sister in law to go
with us. Justin said grab the camera we might want to take some
pictures. So we headed to the beach, He knows I love to take photos so
he had his sister in law snap photos as we walked down the beach and
pose making silly faces and just having fun. He said a couple times
let's take a picture like this and we would pose doing something
similar then I was turned around looking out at the water I heard him
day let's take a picture like this I turned around to see what face or
pose he was doing and he was down on one knee and asked me to marry
him! I stood there speechless and finally said yes!

I can't wait 'til the June either!

A Note to the Prince Charming

You are the only man good enough for her; the only one she wants to spend her time with. No one can make her laugh like you can. No one can challenge her to be more than she is like you can. You can make her smile bigger and heart flutter faster than the hundreds of other guys she’s met. Of all the men she’s been around, you are the only one she wants to touch and the only one she dreams of being touched by. It’s not just the way you hold her body in your arms but the way you keep her precious heart in your hands. You’ve not once asked her to be perfect because you think she already is. You are the only one she wants to even be close to because she knows you love her-all of her. And she loves you-no matter how stupid the mistakes you make are. It doesn’t mean you won’t argue about things. You probably will! But she’ll be willing to work them out because there is no way she could give up on someone so incredible. You are him! You are the darling Prince Charming Cinderella has waited for.

Lexington, KY Engagement: April & Joel

Joel and April

April is such a sweetheart. Joel is an incredibly nice guy. Who wouldn’t be more thrilled to photograph their engagement portraits and wedding day celebration. April, a symphony teacher, is full of creative ideas by nature. She chose the quaint Pisgah Presbyerian Church and the cute town of Midway for their engagement shots. I had gotten to the church early to check out the light and find some great places on the property for photos. I met Joel for the first time as I saw April and him stepping out of his Jeep Wrangler. The tire covered had the slogan “Life is Good” across the center-just like my Jeep Liberty! I KNEW we were all destined to meet! Below are April’s words on how she met Joel and how he proposed.

How We Met:
Our mothers – June and Cathy – are good friends and have been for a couple of decades. For years, they have regularly met for lunch and usually end up talking about their kids and what all they are doing.
One day after they had met, June (MOG) had a revelation from God that Joel and April should meet. So, a couple of YEARS later, she and Cathy (MOB) arranged for the couple to meet at church one Sunday morning. After a very awkward first meeting up in the balcony at Central Baptist, Joel confiscated April’s email address from his mother. A couple of days later, he emailed April to ask her out.  She will never forget that email and how shocked and happy she was to get it.

Thanks be to God, to Cathy, to June, and to Gaunce’s Deli for hosting several of those lunches!

The Proposal:
Joel asked June (MOG) to distract April the whole day before by having her go help make Christmas breads, sausage balls, cakes, etc. She was kept busy and Joel was busy, as well!

The next morning, – April’s birthday, Christmas Eve – Joel called to wake April at 5:15 in the morning. (She thought he must be insane…) She was then led on a scavenger hunt through his house to find a total of 29 envelopes, one for each month they had been together. Each envelope contained a card (hand made!) with something he loves about April written on it and a clue to find the next envelope. The very last clue was to go out on the deck.

Joel was waiting on the deck, and April was so happy to see him. The clue said, “Plug it in.” And when they did, Christmas lights spelling “MARRY ME” lit up in the back yard as they looked over the deck. Joel got down on one knee, said, “April, will you marry me?” And she said, “YES!! Is it okay if I cry now?”

Alone together

Just Chillin'

Jennifer & John: Lexington, KY Wedding

April 1, 2010

Jennifer and John are a couple from Russel Springs, KY. They just wanted a mall ceremony before they went on a beautiful cruise in the Mediterranean. Most important, they both wanted their sweet dog Benji to be able to be in the photographs. It was a beautifully warm and sunny April day. Perfect to go outside and catch a few photos with Benji. So Congratulations Jennifer and John!

at last

To be the only two people in the world...

Such a gorgeous bride...

and on to a life together...:)

Engagement: Jessica & Kell

Jessica and Kell decided to have their two wonderful boys be apart of the engagement photos. After all they are such a huge part of their lives. Jessica’s son is James and Owen is a striking image of his father, Kell.  They were both bundles of energy during our session and there’s no doubt they are both 100% boy. Surrounded by playground equipment and loads of bubbles we all couldn’t help but feel young at heart. I can’t wait until their end-of-April wedding. The boys will be adorable; the bride and groom-stunning:) Love makes a family strong.