August 2010

Self-Portrait Worth a Thousand Words

I have so many other projects I’m working on but sometimes I stop and take time for me. You know-time to be an artist, time to…be. In this world it’s hard to feel beautiful when you’re a woman. The standard seems impossible to attain, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me. I have to remind myself that I too am beautiful even through my flaws. I am a fan of the self-portrait. A good self-portrait, whether metaphorical or carbon image, can tell you a lot about yourself. So today, I am posting my self-portrait. This is fresh from this afternoon. Drink up and enjoy:) Wouldn’t you love a lovely portrait of yourself too?

Jenn & Jason: Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Jenn did her practicum with my older sister at Assurance Care for Women. Jenn is so sweet, very compassionate. It seems so fitting she’d want to help others get through hard things. Because my family is my biggest fan club, Jenn quickly learned that I was a photographer. We decided to meet at Main & Maple coffee house in Nicholasville. It was at that meeting I also met her fiance Jason. Through that conversation about their wedding, what they were looking for in a photographer, etc. I discovered Jason also had a green thumb-like me. It was a quick mention of my peanuts that I’m growing that lead to him telling all the different vegetables in his garden. Jenn and Jason are perfect for each. They are both wonderful people and so excited to start their lives together.

I asked Jenn to share a few words on how they met:

Jason and I met at Applebee’s. He and his friends would come in about once a week to hang out and I had always noticed him because I thought he was cute. I came to find out that he noticed me too because his friends asked another server about me. I was seeing someone at the time, so I didn’t entertain any thought of going out with him. About seven months later, Jason came in to Applebee’s with just one of his friends. It was a slow night, so I was sitting down at a table near by. I smiled at him like I always did and he waved back. After a little bit, he got up from his seat and came over and started talking to me. At the end of the conversation, he asked me out. I wasn’t seeing anyone, so I said yes. And I’m so glad I did! He’s wonderful! We had been dating for a year and 3 months when Jason proposed to me. We planned a hiking trip to Natural Bridge. We brought a blanket and some food for a picnic. I brought my camera because Jason said it would be cool to get pictures of our hike, and I had wanted more pictures of us anyway. On the hike, I took pictures of the scenery and several pictures of us together. It was a beautiful day. After hiking, we settled in a little picnic area where it was just the two of us. As we were eating, Jason got out this beautiful Japanese puzzle box. He said he had wanted me to take pictures because it would make for a good memory and we could put the pictures in this box. It took a little bit for me to figure out how to open the box (Jason had to help some). When I opened it, there was a little black velvet box sitting inside. That’s when Jason told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I kissed him and then said yes! It was a perfect day.

Horse Mania Challege Continues: Lexington, KY


So here’s some more horses.  I know: 7 down, 75 to go:) Like I said, ‘how the west was won.” lol It’s hard to get great shots when they are DESTROYING the downtown area.  I felt like every horse would have a bright orange cone or a parade of caution tape in the background of the photo. There were some great angles I wanted but I felt intimidated by all those construction workers/ and or random slew of men staring at me. I shouldn’t care-it’s public property. Besides, it’s my job to report things creatively with a camera-as a photographer and artist.  But anyway, here’s my fav so far-Starry Night horse. Vinnie would be so honored!


Keeneland Experience

Keenland Experience

Silver Rose

Run For the Rosaries

Digital Horse

Danelle Alexis Photography

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Tembre & Michael: Louisville, KY Engagement Photography

You know those couples that are so cute together because not only are they affectionate, but also best friends? The couples you just sit back, smile and admire? That’s Tembre and Michael. I met them through another couples’ wedding I photographed this summer. We had such a fun time at Shaker Village taking photos. Tembre and Michael were up for any kind of adventure I suggested. Even at the end, Tembre waded into garden, braving the giant spider in the garden for some beautiful evening images. Of course, having her knight in shining armor there to protect her from the monstrous arachnid made the journey much easier. I am SO EXCITED for your October wedding! It will be here before you know it!

I asked Tembre to write a few words about how she and Michale met:

Michael and I met when he moved from Charlotte, NC to attend UK.  He came for the trumpet studio, but also being a vocalist he auditioned and made the mens’ a cappella group AcoUstiKats.  I was in the female a cappella group and we met his first semester while we sang together.  I thought he was interested in my friend, so I all but ignored him (also because he was a Duke fan), while he began pining for me. I was completely unaware of his interest and read nothing into the little notes that he would leave for me.  I didn’t realize it until my friend called me crying saying that Michael had told her he liked me instead (silly, I know.)  I assured her I didn’t like him and that I’d ignore his messages etc. However, after I became “aware” of him, I started realizing how similar our families and our interests were.  Around Christmas he sang this big solo for a concert and my goodness his voice was incredible.  I fell in love with him over and over every time I listened to that CD.  Over the winter break we began writing facebook messages that grew and grew and finally on Christmas day I called him.  Every day after that we talked on the phone until late at night.  My family began making bets as to how long it would be before we started dating even though I assured them, we were just friends.  I told Michael I couldn’t date a Duke fan, and that even if I wanted to, my father would never allow it.  Fortunately, he saw how silly he’d been and turned his allegiances toward the REAL Blue and White (UK.)  We made it official 2 weeks later.  :)

Asha & Brad: Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

Asha is from Kansas. She’ll admit, there’s no place like home when it comes to Kansas. That was until she met Brad. Now there’s no place like home if Brad isn’t there with her. It was meant to be. She’s a sweet, caring nurse and Brad is going through med school. God really does bring people together.

They got married in July at Asbury Seminary’s chapel, Estes. Thank God for air conditioning! It was so hot and humid outside it felt like we were swimming in air. Summer’s heat is just not conducive to layers of satin and lace…or any other material really. A beautiful ceremony was followed by a lovely red and black reception at the Seminary’s banquet area. Congratulations on your new journey together!

Daniel David Weddings: Lexington, KY Portrait Photographer

Fellow wedding vendors-they feel like family to me. When I show up to a wedding and see a florist, dj or caterer that I know, it’s like meeting up with an old friend:) I recently had the opportunity to take some portraits of Daniel David of Daniel David Weddings, formerly 3D Entertainment. Not only is a snazzy DJ, but a genuinely nice guy. His wedding DJ/ entertainment service is changing its look. I first worked with Daniel about a year ago at a wedding. It was a blast! The wedding guests were dancing well into the night. I don’t think there was a moment when a group of people were swaying on the dance floor.

Just in Case

In case you forgot or no one ever told you: Kentucky has some of the best sunsets.:)

There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home. Truly. Where else can you feel so safe, so comfortable?

Kansas. That’s where Asha is from. To honor her home, Dorthy and her little dog too, she wore these cute red, flats with her wedding gown.

There' No Place Like Home

CD Release for Chris Weiss: Lexington, KY Photographer

Chris Weiss a very talented local guitarist/ songwriter asked me to take photographs fro his latest CD, “Reflections.” After months in the making, the CD, along with its fabulous cover art, has been released. He had a release party last Saturday night. I meant to go for more than the last 10 minutes to get photographs. I also have to admit my new hidden passion for the Wii game “Just Dance.” Due to some intense competition, I was only able to make it to the last 10 minutes of the show. It’s alright. That’s all I needed to get some great parting shots.

The CD is wonderful. I listen to “Reflections” while I work at my Mac. It’s so smooth, very woodsy. I like that:)

Check out where you can hear Chris by browsing his website:


Horse Mania Challenge: Lexington, KY Photography

I really did try…HARD. I wanted to get so many more horses on camera. The rain, however, had other plans. It’s a no go on getting the photo gear out in the rain. I got a few shots in between sprinkles. Photographing all 82-it’s kinda like how the west was won. Little by little:)

Desert Dream

Danelle Alexis Photography

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