November 2010

Main & Maple: Good Atmosphere, Good Coffee

Where can you go to get away for a bit? A good book is great start but how about some people watching, a warm atmosphere, good grub and good, strong coffee? Yup. If you’ve never been, you MUST try Main & Maple Coffee House and Cafe. It reminds me of one of my favorite coffee joints in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village, Fido’s. Live music on Friday and Saturday nights with open mic on Thursday can be a great treat…or just an interesting evening:) You know how that goes:) This place not only has good coffee and atmosphere but great food too! Most coffee places you might get olive nut/ chicken salad sandwich beyond your regular cookie or brownie. You can get pizza, wraps (the hummas is my weakness), salads, etc. I don’t know the menu that well b/c I can’t seem to NOT get the greek wrap- the hummas is that good! Word to the wise: don’t try the cinnamon roll! You’ll never look back…or be able to go there w/o ordering one warmed up!!!  So make a special trip or plan a date to downtown Nicholasville and try this great place!

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Something Blue Collective: Kentucky Wedding Resource

Check out this photograph. (Yes it’s a real photo but it’s in HDR.) Wouldn’t you love to be invited to an elegantly trendy party with this kind of class and creative atmosphere? A couple weeks ago an organization called Something Blue Collective (SBC) hosted a party for elite weddings vendors. (This fell on the night of the Justin Bieber concert and traffic was CRA-ZY!!) This particular event was in SkyLoft, located on the top floor of the new ZirMed building in Louisville. Did I dig the view? Oh yes I did.

SBC is a resource to help couples find the elite, established wedding vendors for their special celebration. It’s Louisville based but opened it’s doors to select Lexington wedding vendors. The atmosphere was inspirationally blue- of course! Every detail of the decor was carefully crafted by Fluer de Lis Event and Design. From the white leather couches to the clear tables (with two fish swimming inside the center, water-filled leg!!!) nothing went unthought. The current members of SBC were so professional and so nice. They were all top-notch!

Louisville…I like you.


Christmas Lights: Gabe Gibitz

Music and Christmas. Christmas and Music. They’re like two peas in a pod. What other time of year, holiday or event has so many songs associated with it? Gabe Gibitz, who happens to be my talented brother-in-law, had a vision for his Christmas album. He told me the concept, we experimented and BOOM! Look what happened? I beautiful, snowy frosty-varnished mix of images for his album art. The photos you see above and below are HDR images, tone mapped and tweaked to fit his style and album perfect. Check out his music at his site for a merry Christmas mix!

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Elizabeth & Nate: Engagement, Lexington, Kentucky Engagement Photography

Elizabeth and Nate: one of the love stories you’d like to be your own. A childhood friend you’d grown up with and one day stumbled deeply in love with. I’d be thrilled to say I not only shot their engagement photos but am also doing the wedding but…they are getting married in the British West Indies-without me:( lol It’s okay- I’ll be there for your 25th wedding anniversary party! Promise!;)

I had such an enjoyable evening at beautiful Shaker Village. The leaves were bursting with oranges, reds and yellows. The weather was a tough 74-ish degrees in the evening time…in October…in Kentucky? Can you say “spoiled?” I could tell they were best friends; how they laughed , played in the leaves, were adventurous to try fun poses. It was a great evening indeed- even though I felt the need to keep calling Nate “Todd.” I have no idea where that came from. He was nice to me even though I had those unfailing blond moments:) Elizabeth you will be a beautiful bride and Nate an adoring groom. Best of luck to Flizabeth as she serves in the medical field:)

Here is Elizabeth’s version of their love story:

“Nate and Liz met at the age of 6 in their first-grade class.  They
both know the defining moment in their relationship back then was when
Nate offered Liz a purple/blue (they can’t totally agree on the color)
crystal rock.  Liz knew that acceptance of the rock would take their
relationship to the next level, so she declined the gift!  Despite her
declining the rock, Nate and Liz grew up as friends.  They even went
to horse camp together!  When it came time to find a date for the
senior prom, Liz knew she wanted to enjoy the the night with one of
her best friends.  So, she asked Nate and he, of course, said yes.
And here they are… 7 years later!”

Published in Kentucky Bride Magazine: Laura and JC

This adorable couple was just published in the fabulous Kentucky Bride Magazine. The magazine not only has the latest trends and wedding tips but also features real Kentucky weddings. That’s right: Straight from the bluegrass! Why not be inspired for your big day with genuine Kentucky Pride and catch a glimpse of some of the finest vendors to make your special day perfect? You can pick up a copy at most stores where magazines are sold!

I know you’re not supposed to have favorites but I have one. All weddings are exciting and beautiful celebrations but I gotta go with the fall as the best. The colors, the weather, the decorations- you can count on them all! Laura and JC’s mid October wedding didn’t disappoint me at all. The wedding ceremony took place at Faith Lutheran Church in Lexington; reception at Equus Run Vineyards in Midway. Laura is a true artist at heart and the lovely chocolate color (and vintage variations of) she chose was woven through everything from her dress and the adorable bridesmaids heels to the cake and sweets table.

Laura and JC are such a special couple. During their engagement session at Gratz Park, I learned that they had originally met in UK’s Marching Band. I let it out that I too had my marching band days in the SEC, playing sousaphone in the marching band at Vanderbilt. I also informed them being a former music major, I had tucked my primary ax- the saxophone- away. Well as God would have it, Laura was also a music major in school! She let me know it was time to dust of the sax and get back in the saddle. She and JC were part of the Central Kentucky Concert Band. It’s open to anyone that wants to join. So with their encouragement, guess where you’ll find me on Thursday nights this fall? You guessed it. Concert band practice:)

So thank you Laura and JC for letting me be apart of your day and getting me back into music. Your family and bridal party made me feel like family and it was a most beautiful wedding. Your love is sweet and true. I look forward to seeing you grow old together…from across the room at band practice:)

Laura started the day with make-up by the talented and sweet Anna Crane-Simpson. She was so much fun and she knows her craft well.

Those wonderful women who have gone before us in marriage add so much joy and reassuarnce on a wedding day.

It's so important to know where to put the veil

something blue

It's okay to be jealous. She is breathtaking:)

More to come….

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Warped Reality: A Small Explanation on Why We Hate What We See

Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to look like the girl in the magazine no matter how hard you try? Why you can’t find those gorgeous cover girls at the mall and on every street corner, just waiting to be asked out? It’s because they don’t exist. That’s right. Even the simplest photo altering techniques can make a pretty girl unbelievable-literally.

I used my own photo to demonstrate. I even left that little pimple by my lip. Go ahead say it. I’m brave:) {No really! I feel vulnerable leaving that imperfection blaring it’s horn right on my face. It’s like sporting a tattoo on my forehead that says ‘I’m not perfect.’} All the images we see in magazines have a higher color contrast than real to life colors. The skin is smoother, the eyes brighter. Make-up and hair is touched up too. It’s not uncommon to make the neck longer, check bones higher and eyes bigger making the person seem thinner-which I didn’t do here. Crazy what we’ll believe. It’s why we’re satisfied when we look in the mirror but then when we watch a movie, TV, see an ad or pick up a magazine- the mirror becomes our worst enemy.

original image, white balanced and sharpened


Simple touches in Photoshop

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Arianna: Sweet Songstress: Lexington, Kentucky Portrait Photography

Arianna: gorgeous, talented, phenomenal and sooo sweet! She’s an opera student at the University of Kentucky. When she contacted me and told me she was a musician needing head shots, how was stoked was I? Music is laced through my heart and mind. I’m a saxophone player and tuba player by trade, former music major (a semester completed at UK, the rest at Belmont University) and have been playing music since I was 5. Yes I can carry a tune but not far:)

I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t self-conscience or didn’t compare herself to the media’s standard of beauty. It’s my goal-and job!- to portray a woman, no matter what size, as the inner model they are! That’s exactly what I did for a lady as lovely as Arianna. I met her at her parents’ house-beautiful property with Elkhorn Creek meandering through. We spent about an hour and a half taking portraits. Her eyes are so beautiful, one can easily get lost in them. She was the perfect model. She just knew how to show her confidence; just knew how to pose. This diva could easily be a model! The light was perfect and so was the weather.

I asked Arianna to write a few words on the experience.

“Ever since the Metropolitan Opera Company started doing their live HD weekend broadcasts in theaters, opera singers have been expected to look like supermodels. I decided to get new headshots because the last time I had them taken, I was 70 pounds heavier. I’m still a very curvy woman and definitely not the size of any supermodel, so I have a long ways to go in my weight loss process, but I still wanted to have new pictures to send for my auditions. Now for auditions, we are required to send a headshot, and usually either a 2/3 or full body shot. Those pictures can make or break whether or not someone is granted an audition, so I knew that the 70 pounds could really help make a difference. This year I am auditioning for some Young Artist and Resident Artist programs, along with some summer training programs. I am mostly auditioning for the ones that are doing Mozart’s the Magic Flute since I’ve already performed the role and will have a better chance at getting cast since I have the experience. The role I play is the Queen of the Night, who is a fierce and revengeful (but fabulous) Queen that is trying to get her power back. In opera headshots, we have to try to display the characters we would play in our pictures. So I tried to think of Tyra Banks and be “pretty fierce” in some of my pictures. I’m so excited because I totally have a few that I can work with. Most of the characters I play are either crazy, crazy in love, or kind of ditzy, so with the work of the amazing Dani, I think she acheived some perfect shots :-) I want to get new headshots again when I’ve reached my goal weight. I’m keeping a scrapbook of my progress. I still probably have another 100 pounds to go, but I know that when I do reach that goal I will definitely call Dani. :-)”
Thanks for being the fabulous diva you are Araianna! Can’t wait to see your name in lights:)

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