January 2011

Wedding: Jenn & Jason; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographyu

I know I’m a little behind on blogging. This is Jenn and Jason’s November wedding. Yes, November <blushin.> It was a beautiful fall day and thinking about the weather and sunshine of the day gives me a smile. I guess I should blame the procrastination on the…holidays??? Jenn’s sweet smile is too darling to stay on my hard drive forever; their love to sweet. So, here are the photographs from Jenn and Jason’s wedding celebration!

Wedding: First United Methodist, Lexington

Reception: Holiday Inn, Newtown Pike

Cake: The Sugar Forest

Santuary at First UMC, Lexington. This photo I processed in HDR. I don't process many images in HDR but this one was perfect for it.

Jenn's mom is all smiles

Jenn is quite the pianist. She played a little tune while waiting for the ceremony to start. She looked so lovely I couldn't help but snap a shot from the back.


Jenn caught a last laugh with her dad before he walked her down the aisle.


Father/ daughter dance is still one of the most emotional moments of the day


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Coffee House Refuge; The Hub in Danville

I’m reposting my photographs from The Hub Coffee House in Danville. The atmosphere is great and so is the food. You can go there and see my photographs on the walls. The locals, the celebrities, that make the Hub, well…the Hub:)

I love people. The nice ones, the mean ones, the fun ones, the sad ones; the lady that cackles too loud, the older couple that shares a slice of pie while he reads the paper and she knits; the weathered young man who has stood the test of time and quietly watches out the window; the group of students that laughs and jokes about the upcoming dance; the gentle yet firm bookworm. They all look so relieved to be here, wrapped safely in the arms of a coffee or chai. Time for yourself, time set aside to meet a special friend- time everyone looks forward to. Coffee Houses are a modern day refuge.


Wedding: Jenn & Jason- preview

Jenn and Jason’s wedding is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Black and White

I have a couple dilemmas. 1. I don’t have a ready made model that I can call upon when I want to try new things. To remedy this I have 3 options. Get married, work on my sales tactics to convince my siblings that being a model is a legitimate job, or use myself. Looks like it’s all me. 2. I like colors so much it’s hard for me to turn most photographs black and white.

See below. These are all great. The absence of color feels different than the colors. Crazy how a color can stir up emotion. Blue s calming, red is passionate, and pink is the happiest color (hence also my business color)! Three different photographs from one image. How do you ever decide?

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Coffee Houses

Caribou in the afternoon

Coffee houses are some of the greatest places on earth. Warm, cozy, full of culture; a place to see art, meet friends, hear jazz and get a good cup of something exotic. A coffee break is a good excuse to read a book, people watch or meet a cute date. This photo here is Caribou Coffee. I enjoy it for the atmosphere. It reminds me of a cabin in the woods sans the pine and woodsmoke. Wouldn’t you just love to snuggle up next to the fireplace in a fuzzy blanket and glance outside at mounds of snow on flocked evergreens? I can feel the cold rush under the door. I can see the blue snow under the setting sun. Bring me that cup of Joe…

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Hidden Treasures in Mistakes

This image was a mistake. I took it when I was just learning the camera. I metered for Mandi -my lovely model- on the street around the corner. Then we stepped into this shaded alley and I didn’t remember to change my settings. The image looked black until I put it through ACR. I took the exposure up the full 2 stops and got a little detail back. I had to take the grain that went with it but WOW! LOVE! I wanted a clean, nearly even lit subject and I got this mysterious, light-sculpted beauty! I wouldn’t have thought to do that. This is one of my favorites you know:) It makes me stare…and wonder. A learning experience for sure. Now I know how to set my camera without having that distracting noise and I’ve used it many times. Don’t you just love when your mistakes humble you but make you stronger on the other side?:) Go play, live.