November 2011

Cindy & Alex: Louisville, KY Engagement Photography

Cindy is from Louisville but resides in Germany with her fiance Alex. They were both in the states for a limited amount of time so we had to fit thier engagement session in. They braved the rain and weather in the low 40s w/o coats for the photographs! Come to find out the weather is generally cooler in Germany- but it doesn’t mean they like the cold:) I’m very much looking forward to their May wedding. It’s just around the corner!

I had Cindy write some words on how she and Alex met. Very romantic:

Alex and I met in 2004 when I was spending a few months in Paris as a nanny for a Parisian family. I had spent the summer on the Brittany coast with the family in their gorgeous French country house at the sea, but despite the beauty of it all, I was itching to get back to Paris and to spend my last week there before returning to the States. The family agreed, and on my first night back, a few friends talked me into going out with them to an Irish Pub called O’Sullivans just next to the Moulin Rouge. I normally refused to go to any kind of English-speaking establishment since my decision to become a French Translator warranted a perfect command of the language. But they dragged me there, which is where I ended up meeting Alex.
Alex had driven with a friend from his home in Germany to go camping in Bordeaux, on the southwestern coast of France. With horrible weather and constant rain ruining their vacation, they decided to abandon the campground and head to Paris. They ended up at O’Sullivans after searching for a place with good beer (easier to find good wine in Paris!). After endless glances across the room, Alex finally had the courage to speak to me. He began in French… I answered in French… but after the initial chit chat we realized we could speak in English. I had known he wasn’t American because of his shoes – you can always tell an American in Europe by their shoes – but I didn’t know he would prefer English. We had such great conversation that we didn’t want it to end, so although he and his friend were planning to return to Germany the next day, Alex sent his friend on without him, and stayed for three more days in Paris so that we could get to know each other. And what a romantic three days those were! We kept in contact after that, mostly through phone calls and handwritten letters sent via snail mail, over the next 10 months, when Alex finally visited me in California where I was attending graduate school for Translation. We had a wonderful time. This began a two-year long distance relationship, and when I graduated, I joined him in Germany, where I’ve now lived for four years. Alex asked my father for my hand this past Christmas, and then proposed on my birthday. It was just the two of us, alone in our living room, on a beautiful summer morning. We’ll be married in a small church ceremony in Germany in April, followed by an outdoor Southern wedding here in the States in May.

Reach Out

That’s one great things about Kentucky- you’ll never be in want of seeing a horse. If you’ve never been around such a large animal it might be intimidating. You’ll find most horses are quite gentle. So go ahead and find one. Reach out and scratch his nose, feel how velvety soft. It’ll make your day…and his:)

Married: Natalie and Kike; Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography

The nicest, most fun couple- Natalie and Kike. A wedding at Beaumont Presbyterian Church and reception at the Carrick House. We made a stop in between at Keeneland. The starting gate just happened to be in the parking lot. How blessed were we?! Such a great September wedding.

Natalie's beautiful mom


From coloring books to high heels...



The Gambler

Getting married outside: it’s risky, very true. However…it can be worth the risk.

Above: Huber’s Orchard in Indiana

Rachel & Corey: Lexington, Kentucky Engagement Photography

She’s in law school. He’s in med school for emergency medicine. Together they are one delightful power couple. Rachel and Corey are both so light and tenderhearted. I feel like Ive known them forever. They were such great sports for our country photo session. I’m very much looking forward to their June wedding.

I asked Rachel for a few words on how Corey proposed. Here is her story:

“We’re both pretty outdoorsy (Corey quite a bit more than me though) so we took our vacation this summer to Colorado. The second day we were there, we planned to hike to the top of Pikes’ Peak. It would be my first “fourteener” which was especially sentimental since I spent a few formative years living at the foot of this particular mountain. We made the long and arduous journey to the summit where we were able to eat and rest. It was an especially cold day on the top so we bundled up in our winter coats.
Since the summit of Pikes is accessible by car and train, there is a guest shop and a few tourist photo areas. We were going to take a few pictures at the top before beginning the descent to base camp. At this point, I’d realized I’d left my trekking poles inside the summit house and went back to retrieve those. While I was away, Corey sneakily arranged with another person to take a picture when I came back and he let him in on a little secret.

When I came back, Corey told me to come pose for a picture at the summit. For some reason unbeknownst to me, Corey was getting down on one knee. I mistakenly thought we were moving down for the picture. Next thing I knew, he has a ring in his hand. My first words out of utter shock! Typical. This naturally threw Corey off and he stumbled through his rehearsed words. I said, “Of course!” and there was some applause from the small crowd that had gathered on top of the mountain.

The descent down Pikes was much easier – not only because we were gaining more oxygen with every step, but because we also knew that we were definitely on a path to our future together. “



Married- Stacey & Kent: Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography

Such a privilege for me to photograph the wedding of a fellow talented photographer. Kent Ashley of Ashley Portraits married Stacey Berry in Wilmore, KY at Estes Chapel. It was a marvelous September day- not too hot. Two great families to spend the day with.

Finishing touches

The "A" on the cake is taken from Kent's company logo, Ashley Portraits.

Kent fences so Stacey surprised him with a special themed groom's cake!

Who says you can't play with your food?

Stacey's MOH, her sister, gave an animated toast.

Her reaction was just as good!

Kent left extra time after the reception for photographs. That’s a photographers dream. All too often we are so rushed to get couples photographs. If you can leave the extra time, the images will be that much better.

One of my favorites.

This shot was Stacey's idea. What great taste.

Another one of my favorites because of its timeless feel

A terrific parting shot by Kent's cousin Ashley Eden