July 2012

Michelle & Eric: Engaged, Lexington, KY Wedding photographer

Can I tell you just how excited I am to photograph Michelle and Eric’s wedding? Eric’s sister Amy was married a couple years ago and I had the privilege of photographing her wedding. I almost feel like it’s a family reunion! Gosh is this a fun couple too! They both laugh so much and are comfortable with the camera. The best part: they are so very much looking forward to getting married:) They are looking forward to a new adventure and having an adventure partner to embark with. September 9 will be a joyful day!

I asked Michelle to write a few words on how Eric proposed:

“Eric’s co-worker, Nathan, was on a business trip from Australia and wanted to take a day to visit a few of the sites in Kentucky.  Because Kentucky is known as Bourbon country, Eric and I decided it would be a great idea to take Nathan on a tour of Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles.  It was a perfect day to be there because they were celebrating the holidays with food, crafts, and free distillery tours.  I called my parents and said they should come out to see the tour since it was free. My parents declined the invite and said maybe they would come another time.  So Eric, Nathan, and I went ahead and took the tour.  When we finished, my parents were sitting in the lobby of the distillery.  I was surprised they were there because they were so adamant about not coming. They said they had a change of heart and wanted to check it out. I had a thought come over me at this point. I wondered if maybe Eric was going to propose but I brushed it off.  For one, he wanted to wait till sometime after the semester was over to propose (I had one more week) and I just figured he wouldn’t want to do it now. So I convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen that day.  I did think it was pretty weird that my parents wouldn’t sign up for a free tour. They just sat there and I remember being so frustrated that they drove all that way only to sit around in the lobby and not see the coolest part of Woodford Reserve!

After hanging out in the lobby for a little bit, Nathan said he wanted to take some pictures outside of the distillery.  So we all decided to join him.  Eric and I decided to take a picture in front of Woodford Reserve. When the picture had been taken, I tried to walk away but Eric held on to me and wouldn’t let me go. I looked over at him and could tell he was nervous. I felt his arm shaking as he held on to me. And I just knew what was about to happen! I kept saying “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! No way! Oh my gosh! No way!”  Then Eric told me, “Twenty-three months ago today we met for the first time. And twenty-one months ago we had our first kiss (to which my Dad had some smart remark but I don’t remember what he said!) Between then and now, we have fallen in love with each other. Michelle, will you marry me?” And he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring ever!! I think I actually took the ring out and forgot to say yes! Haha! Eric had to ask me again and I said “Yes!!” And that is how he proposed to me!! Before we left, we went into the gift shop and bought ourselves a bottle of Woodford Reserve to keep as a reminder of our special day. They were doing free engravings that day so we had our names and the date of the engagement engraved on the bottle. My hope is that 50 years from now (God-willing that He gives us that much time), we can open up that bottle for a drink and reminisce over our lives together.”


Engaged: Monteia & Lewis, Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Moteia & Lewis: the kind of people you feel comfortable around right away. They are best good pals and fit so well together. Their family and friends are going to make a November wedding completely wonderful! We began the session in a friend of the family’s amazing backyard garden and ended at Keeneland.

I asked Monteia to write a paragraph on how Lewis proposed:

“Lewis & I met through mutual friends.  The real story is in the proposal: We had been together a little over 2 years and we started talking about getting engaged.  I am in law school up near Cincinnati & he works in Lexington, so we started casually looking at rings on weekends.  I knew I wanted something unique because I don’t like having the same thing as everyone else, so that was a challenge.  Finally, we went into a jewelry store & I spotted this gorgeous 5 carat stacked ring that I fell in love with because it was not only gorgeous but so different from the typical engagement ring.  For the next couple months, every ring I would see I would compare to that ring & I would decide against it.  One day, Lewis informed me that he had called the jewelry store and they sold the ring that I loved; it was the only one & they could not get any more, so he would have to get me something else.  He also led me to believe that he would not be buying a ring for a little while.  A couple weeks later, I was right in the midst of finals & I came home to Lexington for the weekend to rest before the next week of finals.  My mom suggested that we go out to eat at our country club.  I was hesitant because I was so exhausted & stressed, but I agreed.  I fixed my hair, did my makeup, put on a dress & a fur jacket (it was December & very cold), & was standing in front of my dresser putting on my jewelry.  My little puppy, Stella, push the door to my room open and come in.  I looked down at her & noticed a giant red & gold bow bigger than her head was tied around her neck – tied in that bow was my ring! It was the 5 carat stunner I had fallen in love with! I was shocked.  Lewis then came into my room, got down on one knee & said “will you marry me”? I still couldn’t believe it; I kept saying “really?” “seriously?” before I said “of course!”  Afterwards, we kissed & I said “I thought you said they sold that ring?” – he said “they did…to me!”  I ran downstairs (carefully, I was in heels) to tell my parents, whom he had asked some time ago for my hand & they were in on the whole plan.  The 4 of us got in the car & went to our country club to celebrate!  It was the most perfect engagement to the most perfect man :) I am so blessed!! ”


Amber Waves of Grain

Kansas: people around here regard Kansas as the big piece of boring you have to drive through to get to Colorado. I’ve discovered that couldn’t be further form the truth. Kansas is wide, open and still relatively wild…if you know where to look. Or I rather HOW to look.

“Kansas…both the desert and the jewel of the West…born of the prairie…with the throbbing of Indian chants for a lullaby…Kansas…once the home of countless herds of buffalo..the stamping ground of Custer…Wild Bill Hicock…Buffalo Bill Cody…Kansas…the land of dreams where once again phantom wagon trains lumber slowly over the prairies to the echo of buffalo guns…Kansas…land of sunflowers…at the crossroads of the nation…the land of people who made it Kansas.”
W.G. Clugston, 1943

Wedding: Rachael & Corey, Lexington, KY Photography

Rachael & Corey are both determined, loyal and full of joy. It’s no wonder they found each other. He’s pre-med and she’s pre-law! Did I mention in the midst of law school Rachael planned this darling wedding herself?! Every last detail was done with quality. It was such a joy to spend the day with this couple, their friends and family. I don’t think I’ve been around a nicer group of bridesmaids and groomsmen:) The ceremony and reception were both held at the Bell House in Lexington.

Catering: Bourbon n’ Toulouse, Cake: Tinkers






Married: Jessica and Daniel; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Jessica is as sweet as sugar and delicate as a butterfly. No really! It’s no wonder Daniel couldn’t let her go once he met her:) The ceremony was at First Christian Church in Georgetown and reception at the Signature Club. Many years of happiness to the great couple:)


Married: Jess & Dave: Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography

Jess and Dave: pure joy and smiles:) This is a couple that just adores each other. They are both the kind of people that you feel comfortable right away around. It made for a great day! They were married and had a reception at the lovely Ashley Inn in northern Lancaster. If the venue wasn’t awesome enough, the food made the celebration over the top. The catering was done by the Dave’s sister, Diane, owner of Type A catering. There are days when I feel I might just trade my left arm for some of Diane’s food…just might:) Jess looked so elegant in her dress too! She found the perfect dress at one of Lexington’s finest bridal boutiques in Chevy Chase, Twirl. Such a


Getting Back to America

It’s always good to be reminded of where we came from. I love a bit of nostalgia. I dig American history. I discovered this old truck during my trip to Kansas. Kansas is a treasure trove of history:)

Engagement/ Maturnity: Elizabeth & Chris

Elizabeth and Chris get to experience two wonderful life changes this year: their first baby and a beautiful wedding! I’m very excited to photograph this couple’s special day not only to see their precious daughter, but because I shot Liz’s sister’s wedding a couple years ago. Such a wonderful family to work with. Such a beautiful couple to work with as well:)