August 2012

Wedding: Allison & Aaron, Richmond, KY Wedding Photography

Allison & Aaron are at long last together:) They maintained a long distance (halfway across the country) for over a year. The distance only brought them closer together and made them stronger. Best of friends yet tender and endearing to each other. Allison found me through Aaron’s mom that lives in Texas! She was helping the couple out by searching for a photographer. The wedding was just outside of Berea so we drove down to Berea College for photographs on the baumy July day. We made it through bridals, their first look and the couples photos. As soon as we were ready to step outside for the bridal party photos the air began rumbling. Tiny drops quickly turned into a downpour! Umbrellas and large sidewalks (where we may or may not have driven cars) to the rescue! Back at the church, the ceremony took place with a dry bridal party. The reception was held at EKU’s Keene Johnson ballroom. What a wonderful family to work with. Thanks a million for a grand day:)

Cake by the Twisted Sifter in Danville.



Mornings: Don’t Miss the Treasures

Nutmeg in the Morning

Most people grimace at the thought of getting up at sunrise. They’ve seen it in photographs and heard about but never have experienced it themselves. The best part of my day happens at the very beginning. Every morning I wake up before the sun and venture outdoors for a walk in the cool, crisp dim light of morning. I gather my thoughts and talk to the Lord as I watch the sun slowly creep over the horizon. It’s like another world, the morning. So much to see and experience. It’s worth the sacrifice of sleeping in…every time:)


Little Ones

There really isn’t anything cuter than Avery Irwin…but there are a few things that tie! Like her new little brother Jonah. He’s going to grow up to be cowboy if her Aunt Molly has anything to do with it.;)

We’re in Trouble Now!

Oh no. My nephew Parker is crawling. He’s only 7 months! Weren’t we all supposed to have a few more months before thinking about socket covers, latching cupboards and sweeping floors daily? But good gray he’s a cutie! If he wants to crawl, we’ll go ahead and let him. Just Parker, please still want to cuddle when you’re tired and don’t wipe our kisses from your chubby little cheeks…for a little while anyway:)




Married: Lauren & Brian, Louisville Wedding Photography

107. I wish I could say that was the address number. It was 107 degrees on that sweltering Saturday. A rooftop wedding is a grand idea in in the city of Louisville. On top of the Frazier Museum, overlooking the river at sunset was the scene for Lauren and Brian’s wedding. They knew it’d be warm but o one imagined it’d be a furnace out there. Rather than scrap the idea and move inside, Lauren and Brian’s quick thinking moved them to shorten the ceremony. This was much to everyone’s delight. I mean the actual rooftop was so hot I couldn’t set my knee on it as I squatted between processional shots. (Enter quad workout.)

The reception couldn’t have been more beautiful! With a few ideas from Lauren and the experts at Fleur De Lis it was just stunning. Lauren and Brian both are two of the most genuine people. They will certainly enjoy many more years together!

Wouldn’t you love to be this lovely when you have a daughter old enough to get married?

Lauren in the make-up chair, not that she really needs make-up:)

What a great bridesmaid gift!

On top of the world

A testimony to the heat that day! Yikes!

Ah…sibling love:)

That Moment

Crying: it’s not something I do at weddings. It’s not my job to cry. It’s my job to be professional, to smile, to always have it together, to be strong. It’s my job to be happy when it’s 100 degrees out, we’ve just begun formals and guests are already yelling at me to hurry up because they’re hungry. It’s my job to be reassuring when we need to get all the photographs taken before the 6:30 ceremony, it’s 5 ’til 6 and the bride doesn’t even have her dress on. There’s just no room for crying.

Then something happens. The world stops for a minute. There’s an earthquake in my soul and a daze in my vision. One moment dropped my guard and a tear rolled down my cheek. To see a man cry is the most tender thing in the world. A real, lasting love…when a father has his last embrace with his little girl. Yes, those are the times that break me. Yes…those times.

Married: Chastity & Patrick, Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Chastity & Patrick got married in June. By all means you wouldn’t have thought we’d hoping for a cooling streak to bring the temperature down to 90. Not in Kentucky anyway. It was so hot outside the hotel was having trouble keeping it cool inside. The heat aside, it was a lovely wedding indeed.

What a beautiful bride

Taking off the heels…relief!