January 2013

Married: Hannah & Justin, Versailles, Kentucky Wedding Photography

Hannah’s wedding was a very special one for me. Earlier this year in March, I photographed her sister’s wedding. That’s right- two sisters in the same year! It’s such a blessing to get invited back for another family event.:) It feels like a family reunion…without the matching T-Shirts and hot dogs.

The day was perfect. It had snowed a couple inches the night before creating the perfect late December backdrop. I’ve never seen a more lovely bouquet by Bel Air Florist…and I’m quite the flower-loving green thumb! All of Justin and Hannah’s family couldn’t have been filled with more joy. That’s the mood that makes a perfect wedding day!

Wedding: Monteia & Lewis, Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography

Monteia married Lewis last November at the historic First Christian Church in Lexington. The reception was held at the Lexington Country Club. A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple- outside and in:)


Julia & Mark: A Relaxed Day After

Julia married Mark on a sweltering August day. It was so sweaty outside and not many lovely spots for photographs this smart couple opted for a session after they were married when the weather turned cooler. They also had more time to just relax and enjoy their wedding day together.


Still Going Strong

Truth- I’m behind on blogging. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to blog about. December is generally a winding down time but this year it just…happened! When January is usually quieter for most photographers mine has been busier than ever! I had 3 weddings in December, 2 bridal shows the first two weekends in January and photographed 3 engagement sessions for 2013 so far. Did I mention I have two more e-sessions in the next week? It’s cold out but nothing a little under armor and snuggling can’t help;) I’ve also been doing some re-vamp to the business side of the studio. I’m getting a new logo by the marvelous Two-Cups Design! I couldn’t have found a better company: incredible at marketing design and seasoned in the bridal industry. Two-Cups also custom designs bridal invitations¬†from Save-the-Dates to wedding invitations to custom thank yous. I’ve also been working on finding more creative, affordable product for clients so be sure to inquire about the latest products. SO…I’ll be updating my blog soon with sessions and hopefully more about life too.

Here's the booth from the bridal shows. We haul it in a trailer: 5 pieces for the walls, 2 pieces of pine furniture, a zebra rug and some of my favorite canvases.

I put one of my faithful show helper: my sister. She'll love me for this:)