February 2013

Engaged: Anne & Cory, Lexington Louisville, Kentucky Engagement Photography

Anne & Corey- down to Earth, fun and willing to go out on an adventurous path! Anne is from Louisville but moved to Texas for work where she met Cory. They were only going to be in town a short while over the Christmas holiday. An outdoor photo session in January? Well why not?! They look adorable together and not one bit cold! Of course I had 4 layers of clothes on:) Shaker town is beautiful anytime of year. I’m so excited to see them again in May!

Kaitlin & Kevin: Engaged, Morehead, Kentucky Photography

Kaitlin and Kevin will be another special wedding. I shot two of her cousin’s weddings! Their engagement photos were literally my last shoot of 2012. On December 30 I met them at their alma mater, Morehead State University. Snow had fallen two days before making a beautiful backdrop but it was COLD! I mean somewhere between 30-33. Cold enough to merit long underwear in my book. They were such sports. I think we’re all grateful the wedding will be in the lovely month of June:)

Green Thumb Files: Little Bags of Wonder

Look at all these…and this is only the beginning. I love photography but my roots go deeper and stronger into layers of soil. I don’t remember a time in my 31 years that I didn’t have a garden. There’s something about working the earth that gets in your blood. That sweet smell of fresh turned dirt in the spring is euphoric. Garden gloves, shovels, and tillers fill your dreams. Bigger, better plants with greater yields become your goal. When summertime comes there’s no time for TV, shopping malls…just evenings and weekends in the garden- pruning, weeding, watering…dreaming:)

So I have big dreams for my garden this year and these seeds are just the beginning. Every year I like to try new plants. This year I’ve already got winter wheat in. I’ll have 3 kinds of soybeans, black emmer wheat, two new kinds of beans and some new peanut varieties. I still have to order my peanuts and buy onion sets, tomatoes and pepper plants. I can’t plant anything until March. That will be my onions. Then I’ll wait another month and start the peanuts in peat pots and get them out mid-April. Once May comes…IT”S ON!!! I can’t wait!!!

One of my new bean varieties!