July 2013

Married: Casey & Steve


Casey and Steve met at the Kentucky Derby last year so it was only fitting they should have the derby experience laced throughout their wedding day. I couldn’t have been more impressed at Casey’s attention to detail. She is an artist- should I have been surprised? :) Keeneland was the only choice for such an event. From pink dresses for the gals to pink argyle socks for the groomsmen, everything rang derby. The guests were even asked to don their favorite hats for the wedding celebration! They truely had one of the most heart-felt ceremonies I’ve seen. After all, the wedding and marriage are the most important part of the day:)



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Married: Charla & Jim; Richmond, Kentucky Wedding Photography

I woke up that early June morning and checked the radar first thing. It was true- a giant rain mass the size of two states loomed just to the west of the area. Surely it would rain all day in Waco, drowning Charla and Jim’s wedding festivities. That is unless, someone- or a lot of someones- were going to pray hard against it. Don’t you know that’s just what happened! There were a few brief moments of downpour shortly before the ceremony in the backyard of her parents’ home. But the skies dried up just in time for Charla to walk down the aisle to meet Jim. The clouds added to a beautiful backdrop of lush green foothills. What a beautiful celebration! Congratulations!

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Engaged: Caroline & Caleb; Lexington, KY Engagement Photography



This is a very special couple indeed. I photographed Caleb’s sister’s wedding a few years ago. His mom also worked with my sister at Assurance Crisis Pregnancy Center. I just love all of his family. So when Caleb asked me to photograph he and his fianc√© Caroline’s wedding I couldn’t say no! SUch a joy to work with! Here’s their Shaker Village engagement sessions.

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Engaged: Kelsey & Ben; Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Kelsey and Ben033

Kelsey and Ben are getting married at Spindle Top and decided to take advantage of the beautiful scenery for their engagement session. Kelsey so bravely waded into the tall grass in her cute red pumps for some photos. Of course Ben, being such a hero, was there to help her climb the fence in her dress. It’s always a great time indeed when a couple makes a choice to take and adventure together:) I can’t wait until their August wedding!

Kelsey and Ben069


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Engaged: Charla & Jim: Richmond, Kentucky Engagement Photography


I’d never been to Waco before but who could say so no a place at the base of the foothills. It’s where the civilization of Richmond and Berea ends and the rolling hills begin. I met Charla and Jim at her parents’ farm- the location of the wedding. We had the session just three weeks before their wedding. The weather was beautiful! I just love a couple that’s not afraid to traipse through tall grass or sit down in the dirt. And if there’s a horse involved the answer is always “YES!”

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Married: Anne and Cory; Louisville Wedding Photography









I met Anne and her bridesmaids at the Brown Hotel be some photographs before we set out for St. Aloysius Chapel. The chapel was the most beautiful place- full of colors! She wed Cory during a full mass and preceded over to Audubon Country Club for a lovely reception.




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Engaged: Kayla & Matt: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography


Kayla and Matt chose the place where they got engaged for their engagement photos: Shaker Village. It’s one of my favorite places. It’s got everything that’s “Kentucky.”

I couldn’t have been more impressed with the fluffy skirt Kayla wore- not your typical Shaker Village attire:) It had such a great 50’s feel to it. She had it made just for the session. Their wedding this fall in Berea will be absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait!