October 2013

Wedding: Natasha & Adam: Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography



Natasha and Adam got married on a perfect September day. The ceremony was held at Central Christian Church followed by a reception at The Campbell House. Both bride and groom couldn’t have been happier to marry their best friend. What a day of joy!

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Engaged: Alison & Belue

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Alison and Belue are a perfect picture of best friends. They are so kind to one another. As an added bonus- they both love horses! To my delight they didn’t hesitate to get close to some of the horses that live on the property. We met in Shelbyville, KY for their engagement session at Long Ridge Farm. It’s the venue for their wedding and it’s absolutely beautiful. The new barn overlooks rolling hills and fields. Their wedding day will be a lovely get-a-way for any city-dweller. I cannot wait!

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Check this awesome location! The wedding will be here at Long Ridge Farm.

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Wedding: Kasey & Zach: Berea, Kentucky Wedding Photography

VanGuilder 198Kasey and Zach got married on a beautiful September day at Boone Tavern in Berea. Kasey was such an adorable bride, full of happiness and joy to marry her love. The lovely autumn colors and cool evening air made for a perfect atmosphere.

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Wedding: Tracy and Cliff: Frankfort, Kentucky Wedding Photography



Tracy and Cliff had lovely wedding at Buffalo Trace in Frankfort. Tracy planned all the little details perfectly right down to her boots. Which I have to admit- I was a little jealous of! Their two cute dogs served as flower girl and ring bearer. Yes Baxter carried the real rings! What a blessing to be a part of such a beautiful day:)

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Wedding: Kelsey & Ben: Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography

Cox 286It’s not often you meet a couple with an almost life-long history. Kelsey and Ben have been together since elementary school. Maybe not “together” but have been friends:) Their wedding day echoed tender love and sweet southern charm at the elegant Spindle Top Hall. It had to have been Kelsey’s sweetness or just her happiness that kept her full of joy even though the couple’s outdoor ceremony was drowned out. Yes-drowned- not rained. Even crowding about 125-140 guests into a room that fit half the guests sitting and left the rest standing in the back, the ceremony was lovely. I couldn’t have enjoyed a late August wedding any more:) Congratulations Kelsey and Ben!

Cake by Martine’s

Flowers by Stems

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Don’t you just love the wedding favor with Kelsey and Ben’s photo from elementary school?

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