March 2014

Wedding: Natalie & JP: Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography



It was one of those perfect fall days- you know the kind October in Lexington, Kentucky is known for? Warm sunshine filled the skies as Natalie and JP tied the knot at Estes Chapel, Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. They met each other for a first look on the front lawn. This gave them plenty of time for wedding photography with their families. Most of JP’s family had come from the grand state of Texas!

A lovely, intimate reception was held at KeeneTrace Golf Club. Catering provided by exclusive club caterers Darae and Friends. All photography by Danelle Alexis Photography.

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Engaged: Leah and Jeff; Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Leah-and-Jeff57Leah and Jeff met me out in the country at one of my favorite spots outside of Lexington for photography- Shaker Village. It’s got almost all the most beautiful scenic elements Kentucky has to offer! It was overcast but still warm late last fall when we began shooting. They were such a fun couple, willing to go sit in the fields even! I’m so excited to photograph their wedding at Ashley Inn in May. Their love is true indeed:)

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Trigger Finger; Green Thumb



If my life was only filled with photography and weddings I doubt I’d be very interesting. Besides, creativity is spawned through keeping the mind fresh, experiencing activities and ideas! While I do enjoy photographing weddings and life’s most important events, my soul has always been connected to the soil. I just can’t stay out of the garden! Every year I find it has become mysteriously bigger. I just can’t figure out how that happens.;)

The climate and soil here in Lexington, Kentucky is warmer than the Ohio I grew up in. That means a longer growing season. So…my foray into starting seeds indoors has begun on the tail end of a hard. cold winter. When I see the first green begin to poke through the surface it’s like Christmas morning!


Married: Ashley & Hunter; Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography


There are some weddings so full of elegance you can’t help but remember. That was Ashley and Hunter’s Lexington, KY wedding in October. That rainy October morning, Ashley and her bridesmaids got ready for the lovely celebration at her grandparents’ house, close to the ceremony site- Centenary United Methodist Church. Hunter would be seeing his bride for the first time when she came down the aisle in her beautiful gown. After the ceremony, the couple and I swiftly made our way to the outdoor courtyard for some photographs. The rain earlier had prevented any outdoor wedding photography. The reception was immediately held at The Castle Post in Versailles. The 6-tier cake by She Bakes Cakes was the central masterpiece upon entering the castle. What a grand affair, decked out in crystals and delicate flowers by Kim Ballard Ross. Such a lovely night for a special couple!

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