June 2014

Wedding: Jessica & Michael; Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography


Their love is the kind fairy tales are made of only…it’s true! Jessica and Michael were high school sweethearts and nine years later the love they share is stronger than ever. They had a lovely wedding at Hill n Dale Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky. It was toasty and humid outside so we took all the photographs of the ladies inside the well-lit sanctuary before the ceremony. After the ceremony I took the couple to the lawn out back. You wouldn’t have thought a church so surrounded by urban elements (houses, cars, pavement, chain link fence) could produce such lovely images!

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Wedding: Leah & Jeff; Lexington, Lancaster Kentucky Wedding Photography




If I had to pick a “most awesome couple” ever award it’d be Leah and Jeff. There’s no doubt they’d make it through any trial, never letting any situation get the best of them. I say this because what to most people would have been a wedding day disaster, they found the roses in. Their wedding celebration took place at the quaint Ashley Inn. It was a couple hours before the ceremony and Leah and Jeff just had their first look. As we walked under the trees to begin portraits, I hear Leah cry, “I’ve been hit! I’ve been hit!” I look over and she had a handful of dime-50 cent sized spots of chunky bird poo on her wedding gown! I had some tissues in my bag and all I knew was to act calm and offer to dab it off. She and Jeff were surprisingly good humored about it! Then we discover Jeff’s tux took the majority of the bird bomb- on his back, sleeves and pant leg. Oh man…So light heartedly they reminded each other that these were the incidents stories were made of. And isn’t it good luck to get hit with bird poo on your wedding day?:)

What a beautiful ceremony in the shade of a large willow tree, overlooking a pond. A festive reception followed with BBQ, smores and a gorgeous cake by Tinkers. A wonderful couple indeed! Thank you so much for having me document your special day!

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Wedding: Sarah & Travis: Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Farmer 090

The temperature in Lexington, Kentucky hovered in the lower 60s on the sunny May day Sarah and Travis were married. They met early for a “first look” at  their reception location- The Carrick House. Travis, from Kentucky, saw Sarah, an Ohio native, in her gorgeous gown and flowing cathedral veil on the front lawn. The bridal party then joined the couple for more wedding day photography. The ceremony was at the beautiful St. Peters Catholic Church just a couple blocks away. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the way the colors blended through the whole day. Sarah has such an eye for detail. I’ve not seen guests have that much fun at a reception for quite some time! Congratulations to a beautiful couple:)

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Engaged: Stephanie & Zach: Lexington, Kentucky Engagement and Wedding Photography

Steph and Zach065

I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph this couple at Shaker Village! Stephanie and Zach drove to Lexington, Kentucky from Cincinnati for a mid-morning engagement photography session- 10:00. I’ve known Stephanie for many years. She’s my good friend’s little sister:) We went to church together when I lived in Ohio. Now she’s all grown up and found the man of her dreams- Zach. Such a blessing to see them together. I can’t wait to be your wedding photographer in August!

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