July 2014

Wedding: Alison and Belue; Shelbyville Wedding Photographer


High school sweethearts; a love that lasts. That’s Alison and Belue. They are both so kind and down-to-earth, it’s no wonder they’re meant for each other. It makes wedding photography so heart-felt to document. Nothing could stop the union of this couple not even a hard downpour! The sky’s were dark and threatening until just before the ceremony. Then the clouds opened up and didn’t stop for quite some time. The wedding was moved from the backyard to the inside of Long Ridge Farm’s gorgeous barn. It must be the most beautiful location in Shelbyville, KY for a wedding. It was perfectly rustic. Such wonderful family and friends. Here’s to you Alison and Belue!


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Wedding: Chioma & Jonah; Lexington Kentucky Wedding Photographer

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On a lovely May afternoon, Chioma and Jonah tied the knot in Richmond, KY at Arlington Country Club.  A reception followed at EKU’s Stratton Cafe. The couple opted not to see each other until the ceremony but instead shared a blindfolded prayer together before the walk down the aisle. We did most of the wedding photography in and around the mansion at the country club. What a marvelous and colorful wedding indeed!

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