October 2014

Wedding: Christina and Jason; Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer


Christina and Jason love the eccentric. They’ve both done their share of traveling so they’ve seen many unusual places. It was only fitting they both settled on the Castle Post for their wedding. It was perfect for the creative flair and style! She’s from Virginia and he’s from Louisville. They’ve lived in towns all over the country so I don’t think one guest was from Lexington. How delighted their guests were to celebrate the wedding at a castle! What a fun-loving couple. I don’t think I could have enjoyed their family any more. Congratulations!

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Engaged: Courtney & Nick; Lexington, Kentucky Engagement Photography


Courtney and Nick154

She’s from California. He’s from Wisconsin. It’s the horse industry in Kentucky that brought these two together. Their mutual love for horses brought Courtney here to study and Nick for a job. They both met working for facilities in the area. Being a rider myself, I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph them with Courtney’s horse, Dream! She’s such a beautiful dapple buckskin. Dream and Nick’s horse, Bill, will both be a part of their Shaker Village wedding in May. It will be a lowly ceremony indeed!

Courtney and Nick028 Courtney and Nick033 Courtney and Nick036Courtney and Nick042

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Wedding: Stephanie & Zach; Cincinnati, Ohio Wedding Photographer


Stephanie and Zach wed on a warm August day. The ceremony was in Lebanon and the reception was held in Forest Park.

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