December 2014

Wedding: Kaitlin and James; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

Frazier565 Kaitlin and James are the sweetest couple. They are both gentle and tender-hearted. There is a genuine caring between them. It was a perfectly warm late September day they chose for their wedding. We began with photos and a first look on the farm where Kaitlin’s sister and brother in law live. The lush green grass and quaint black fences provided the perfect backdrop. A ceremony at Maxwell Street Presbyterian and reception at the Signature Club followed. Decor and flowers by Crist Creona; cake by Martine. Frazier003Frazier042Frazier043Frazier051Frazier081 Frazier085Frazier105Frazier140 Frazier150Frazier157Frazier205Frazier192Frazier220 Frazier247 Frazier256 Frazier277 Frazier254 Frazier286Frazier292 Frazier332 Frazier337Frazier436 Frazier490 Frazier501 Frazier527 Frazier547Frazier802Frazier803Frazier804

Irwin Family: Lexington, KY Family Photography

Irwin 115

It’s always a joy and privilege to take family photographs of this Lexington, KY family. I’ve known Kate and Scott since before their children were born. It’s so nice to watch their adorable kids grow and develop. We had a wonderful afternoon at Shaker Village laughing and smiling of course!

Irwin 154 Irwin 146 Irwin 135 Irwin 131 Irwin 125 Irwin 119 Irwin 115 Irwin 107 Irwin 092 Irwin 077 Irwin 066 Irwin 060 Irwin 058 Irwin 051 Irwin 031 Irwin 029 Irwin 016 Irwin 013 Irwin 004

Engaged Ashley and JD: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography



It was such a joy to be able to spend a couple hours on a sunny afternoon with AShley and JD. I photographed JD’s sister’s wedding a couple years earlier. He has the sweetest sister in the world and such a great family! He and Ashley go well together. Such a fun-spirited couple. They recently moved to St. Lois and enjoyed having their dear Lexington in the background of their engagement images. Their destination wedding next year will be a joyous occasion!

Ashley and JD 008 Ashley and JD 004Ashley and JD 014 Ashley and JD 017 Ashley and JD 016Ashley and JD 026 Ashley and JD 024Ashley and JD 029 Ashley and JD 033 Ashley and JD 032Ashley and JD 036 Ashley and JD 037Ashley and JD 041 Ashley and JD 045 Ashley and JD 050Ashley and JD 061 Ashley and JD 063 Ashley and JD 081Ashley and JD 093 Ashley and JD 098 Ashley and JD 101Ashley and JD 106 Ashley and JD 108 Ashley and JD 123