August 2015

Engaged: Holly and Chase; Danville, KY Engagement Photography

Holly and Chase 136

It was tremendously humid and we were in a race to beat the ominously dark clouds to the distant west. Holly and Chase were all smiles for their engagement session in Danville. We spent part of the session on the campus of Centre College where they met. After a set change, we ventured to the picturesque downtown area of Danville!

Holly and Chase 011 Holly and Chase 033 Holly and Chase 039 Holly and Chase 047 Holly and Chase 052 Holly and Chase 062Holly and Chase 066Holly and Chase 086 Holly and Chase 089Holly and Chase 097 Holly and Chase 113 Holly and Chase 117 Holly and Chase 124 Holly and Chase 132 Holly and Chase 143 Holly and Chase 146

Wedding: Haley & Michael; Louisville, KY Wedding Photography



The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for June; breezy and the mid 70s. The Marcus Lindsey in Louisville looked radiant inside with sunlight streaming through the expansive stained glass windows and outside with the lush, colorful gardens.

Harbeson001Harbeson005 Harbeson032

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Tanya & Jonathan: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Tanya and Jonathan157


I think we had such a great time during Tanya and Jonathan’s engagement session we all lost track of time! We shot all over downtown Lexington, even after the sun went down. From the Opera House and Children’s Museum to a view with Rupp Arena in the background and Due to Jonathan living hundreds of miles away until a couple months before the wedding, we didn’t take their photos until June. That made for a warm evening of fun!

Tanya and Jonathan021 Tanya and Jonathan024 Tanya and Jonathan027Tanya and Jonathan046 Tanya and Jonathan045 Tanya and Jonathan055 Tanya and Jonathan063 Tanya and Jonathan079Tanya and Jonathan090 Tanya and Jonathan093 Tanya and Jonathan097 Tanya and Jonathan116Tanya and Jonathan128Tanya and Jonathan138Tanya and Jonathan145 Tanya and Jonathan157 Tanya and Jonathan160