October 2015

Engaged: Sarah and Brandon; Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Sara and Brandon127

It was the perfect fall evening for photos. We had to reschedule from the downpour in the previous week. I’d probably done 4 family sessions in the two weeks leading up to their session. I love children but after working to get suitable family photos with several kids 2 years old and younger- working with their dog Griffey was a breeze!!

Sara and Brandon’s engagement session had to be one of my favorites. Not only because it was at the beautiful Shaker Village outside of Lexington, but because we found a big field of sunflowers!! It’s ever gal’s dream to photograph in a field of sunflowers:)

Sara and Brandon007 Sara and Brandon026Sara and Brandon039 Sara and Brandon045 Sara and Brandon047Sara and Brandon050 Sara and Brandon066 Sara and Brandon076 Sara and Brandon082Sara and Brandon098 Sara and Brandon107 Sara and Brandon091Sara and Brandon131 Sara and Brandon141 Sara and Brandon147 Sara and Brandon159 Sara and Brandon155


Family Photos: The Barringers; Cincinnati Family Photographer

Barringer 071

The Barringers- one of my favorite family sessions of all time. Not because they were an adorable family, or because we got to be out in the country. Sarah is one of my longest time friends. I was in her wedding four years ago. Yeah FOUR whole years already! There isn’t a day lately I’m not reminded time is a freight train. With their little girl AJ (Allison Joy), Sarah, Jim and I shot all over his grandma’s property on a lovely September morning. What a cute little lady Miss Allison was:)

Barringer 008 Barringer 013 Barringer 038 Barringer 029Barringer 047 Barringer 057 Barringer 076Barringer 136 Barringer 123 Barringer 130 Barringer 124 Barringer 134 Barringer 111Barringer 080 Barringer 082Barringer 167 Barringer 201 Barringer 194

Engaged: Morgan & John; Lexington, Kentucky Engagement and Wedding Photography

Morgan and John 083

I had the best time with Morgan and John at Shaker Village! It’s my favorite location outside Lexington, Ky. They were so full of joy and I think so much of that joy came from each other. They are a couple that just wants to be together- like best friends:) Sessions go so much smoother when the man actually has a good time taking photos. (Ok, I know it’s not a big “guy thing” to want to have your picture taken. The thought can be a real drag I’m sure! But hey guys- you get to be near and snuggle up next to your gal, the woman of your dreams!) John was a complete trooper and I think he may have enjoyed the time we all three spent taking pictures together. That makes for better images. The couples reactions were so sweet and true toward each other. The couples wedding will be in April in Frankfort and I’m so excited to be responsible for their wedding photography. :)

Morgan and John 008 Morgan and John 010 Morgan and John 034Morgan and John 037Morgan and John 059 Morgan and John 077 Morgan and John 083 Morgan and John 095Morgan and John 103 Morgan and John 104Morgan and John 117 Morgan and John 122 Morgan and John 130Morgan and John 160


Fett Family; Lexington, KY Family Photography; Lifestyle Photography



They are the most important people in our lives. They know us through and through. We can’t deny each other. It’s family. Family sessions are the most interesting. You just never know what kind of dynamic you’re going to get. Completely the case with the Fett family. They have three of the sweetest, most well-behaved kids. Gosh and adorable! I think every time the shutter clicked the picture was fabulous just because they were so cute! After re-scheduling for rain once, the night we did photographs was lovely and not too humid. Such a beautiful family:)

Fett009 Fett014Fett033 Fett045 Fett047 Fett048