December 2015

Sara and Evelyn, Seniors; Lexington, KY Senior Photography


Sara and Evelyn are not only sisters but are the best of friends. Both stunning and intelligent, I had the hardest time telling them apart. No doubt both girls will soar wherever life’s path leads them as they embark on a journey past high school.

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Wedding: Brittany and Ben; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Crotty 375


Brittany and Ben met at the University of Kentucky. After graduation, and months before their wedding, Ben was transferred to Florida for his job. Of course that made planning a wedding over a thousand miles away quite the feat! When the couples’ long awaited October 2 wedding came it was pouring rain- and didn’t stop all day! No matter, Brittany’s warm smile penetrated through the wet weather. She chose to do photographs at the Signature Club before the wedding at Mary Queen Catholic Church. The reception also followed at the Club. What a wonderful celebration!

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The Specks: Lexington, KY Family Photographer



The Specks- more like a party than a family session! I couldn’t have imagined it being more fun:) I’ve know the Specks for a few years, Erin and Jay’s wedding being one of the weddings my first year as a solo company- in 2008! Eight adults and 5 children 3 or under…we all survived and got more than one good photo! I call that a success;) Life isn’t about the perfect moments. It’s mostly the ones in-between.

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