June 2016

Baby Sydney: Lexington, KY Newborn and Baby Photographer


Life is such a miracle. The Lord God creates each of us wonderfully and fully thought out, down to our very cells. It’s such a special occasion when I get to photograph a precious new life. Babies grow and develop so quick!

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Wedding: Sarah and Brandon; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Camic 157


Who would have thought it’d be in the mid 40s when it had been in the 70s the week before! Lower temperatures didn’t lower Sarah and Brandon’s spirits on the their April wedding day. Sarah donned a lovely what cape to keep warm on her journey from the Asbury Inn to Estes¬†Chapel where she would have her first look with Brandon. It’s the perfect place for a first look- large clear windows with lots of light pouring in. The couple had a lovely ceremony followed by a reception at the student center across campus.

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Baby Micah; Lexington Kentucky Newborn and Family Photography

Baby Micah 155

I photographed Leah and John as they became man and wife almost three years ago in Versailles. I couldn’t have been more excited to hear she was expecting her and John’s first child- a little boy! I just knew Leah’s family would adore the new little. Her brother and parents both live close and are some of the most wonderful people. They are the kind you meet and after 5 minutes you feel like you’e known them forever. Warm, kind-spirited, Christ-centered folks. I jumped at the chance to photograph the newest family member; the sweetest little man.

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Wedding: Morgan and John


Who would have thought there’d be 30-50 mph sustained winds all day in Kentucky in early April. You would have thought we lived in Kansas. The strong winds didn’t hinder the joyful mood of Morgan and John’s long awaited wedding day. I met Morgan at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Frankfort where she and John were both staying and getting ready on separate floors. She’d found a special note from John written on the bottom of her golden wedding heels. It was a verse from Song of Solomon.

It was windy while we took photos before the ceremony but that was NOTHING compared to the wind we met as they were coming out of the church. I couldn’t help but take photo after photo of the couple trying to navigate the gusts as they came out of the church through a tunnel of their guests.

Once we were at Buffalo Trace the wind was blocked a little by the large buildings. We simply could pass up the opportunity to take some moody photos inside the warehouse. It was a lovely day indeed.

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