Wedding: Sarah and Jesse; Louisville, KY Wedding, Photographer

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Sarah and Jesse’s wedding was an extra special one for me. I photographed her sister’s wedding nearly 5 years ago. Her family had been through a lot since then. With the sudden loss of her father and a pregnancy with her daughter, Sarah had seen some big life changes. I felt so honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding where she’d marry the love of her life, Jesse. I wouldn’t have turned it down for the world. It was wonderful to see her mom and sister again- like a family reunion. Both so full of life and joy.

The ceremony was held in the front garden of the Peterson Dumesnil House in Louisville. It’s the perfect location for a lovely, stress-free day. Sarah and her maids were also able to get ready upstairs and have the reception on the large front porch. Congratulations Sarah and Jesse!

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