A Day at The Hub in Danville

Last week I drove to Danville to take photographs of the wonderful patrons of The Hub coffee house. It’s a great shop downtown with an atmosphere that reminds me of my favorite coffee joint in Nashville, Fido. The photographs I captured will soon be hanging on the walls in the shop to immortalize those souls who frequent there. I am also doing this for Common Grounds in Lexington and Main& Maple in Nicholasville. Jim Davis, owns all three and strives hard to make them fabulous places.

My drive there from Versailles was gorgeous. The rolling hills and palisades that surround the river are awe-inspiring indeed. It’s hard not to get distracted by the beautiful countryside and drive off the road-which I successfully didn’t! I can’t help but appreciate the best and grandest things God has made. Anyway…

I had a great time meeting folks and discovering that Danville is full of people from all over the country! Brooklyn, Atlanta, Louisiana-all right in little old Danville, Kentucky. What surprised me most was Shawn from Brooklyn who said he really actually loved Danville-loved the pace. I would have thought someone from a big, fast-moving city would hate a small, laid back town. My guess is he’d never been able to really slow down enough to breathe, to really see himself and his life. Maybe; I don’t know.

Keep frequenting theses coffee houses. You never know when I’ll be there:)

I’ll see ya at the coffee house. I’ll have a regular brew, room for cream; no sugar.