Amanda and Benjamin


When I met Amanda and her mom, I knew she would be a great bride to shoot for. An April wedding, with a reception at Buffalo Trace Distillery? What great taste! I asked Amanda for a few words on how she and Benjamin met. This is what she sent me:

“Benjamin and I actually met through a friend of mine.  She and Benjamin met online, and the first time they talked she spent the whole time telling him how great he would be for me.  After they got off the phone she called me and told me that she had “met the man of your dreams.”  She described him in detail and told me that she had set up a meeting for the next day. I was so excited to meet this dream man in person.  We met in person the next day for lunch, and we hit it off immediately.  We talked on the phone every night and saw each other at least twice a week from then on.  It was so wonderful, and I thank God everyday for sending Benjamin to me.  ”

Amanda and her fiance Benjamin brought their two dogs for photographs: Daisy and Oscar! They were excellent models, as you can see.

What a fun bunch