Arianna: Sweet Songstress: Lexington, Kentucky Portrait Photography

Arianna: gorgeous, talented, phenomenal and sooo sweet! She’s an opera student at the University of Kentucky. When she contacted me and told me she was a musician needing head shots, how was stoked was I? Music is laced through my heart and mind. I’m a saxophone player and tuba player by trade, former music major (a semester completed at UK, the rest at Belmont University) and have been playing music since I was 5. Yes I can carry a tune but not far:)

I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t self-conscience or didn’t compare herself to the media’s standard of beauty. It’s my goal-and job!- to portray a woman, no matter what size, as the inner model they are! That’s exactly what I did for a lady as lovely as Arianna. I met her at her parents’ house-beautiful property with Elkhorn Creek meandering through. We spent about an hour and a half taking portraits. Her eyes are so beautiful, one can easily get lost in them. She was the perfect model. She just knew how to show her confidence; just knew how to pose. This diva could easily be a model! The light was perfect and so was the weather.

I asked Arianna to write a few words on the experience.

“Ever since the Metropolitan Opera Company started doing their live HD weekend broadcasts in theaters, opera singers have been expected to look like supermodels. I decided to get new headshots because the last time I had them taken, I was 70 pounds heavier. I’m still a very curvy woman and definitely not the size of any supermodel, so I have a long ways to go in my weight loss process, but I still wanted to have new pictures to send for my auditions. Now for auditions, we are required to send a headshot, and usually either a 2/3 or full body shot. Those pictures can make or break whether or not someone is granted an audition, so I knew that the 70 pounds could really help make a difference. This year I am auditioning for some Young Artist and Resident Artist programs, along with some summer training programs. I am mostly auditioning for the ones that are doing Mozart’s the Magic Flute since I’ve already performed the role and will have a better chance at getting cast since I have the experience. The role I play is the Queen of the Night, who is a fierce and revengeful (but fabulous) Queen that is trying to get her power back. In opera headshots, we have to try to display the characters we would play in our pictures. So I tried to think of Tyra Banks and be “pretty fierce” in some of my pictures. I’m so excited because I totally have a few that I can work with. Most of the characters I play are either crazy, crazy in love, or kind of ditzy, so with the work of the amazing Dani, I think she acheived some perfect shots :-) I want to get new headshots again when I’ve reached my goal weight. I’m keeping a scrapbook of my progress. I still probably have another 100 pounds to go, but I know that when I do reach that goal I will definitely call Dani. :-)”
Thanks for being the fabulous diva you are Araianna! Can’t wait to see your name in lights:)

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