Wedding/ 50th Anniversary, David & Alice; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer


The celebration was set for Saturday, January 23.  We woke up Thursday morning to see a winter storm warning for Friday/ Saturday in the weather forecast. They were calling for up to 14″! Friday morning the skies let loose with 30+mph winds all day and about 8″ of snow. Would the celebration the next day be on?

David and Alice had waited 50 years for a wedding celebration and they weren’t about to wait any longer! See when they were dating David was called up to go to war while Alice was in nursing school. Having no time for a wedding, they went to the Justice of the Peace for an exchange of vows. Now this was back in the day when you had to have a blood test to be married. It took three days to get the results back in KY. They thought in Indiana you go the results back the same day so they drove there to get married. Come to find out you had to wait three days also! So David and Alice took the blood test and drove back to KY to wait. Back to Indiana the third day for the results and a courthouse union. Sadly, it was the same day David had to leave-for a whole year! They didn’t even spend one night together.

So this year, 2016, the Wilsons celebrated 50 years of married bliss by having not only a party but a real wedding ceremony! They didn’t even see each other before the wedding:) It’s still a wonderful, sweet love. It has stood the test of time- the better, the worse, the rich, the poor. What all marriage is designed to be:)


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The Billings Family; Lexington, KY Family Photographer

Be together while you can. Enjoy and cherish your family. As you grow up, time together as a family seems to get smaller. A large family photo is one of the best presents you can give yourself or each other. I’ve had the privilege of working with various members of the Billings family over the years and was delighted when they asked me to come photograph their family over Christmas. It turned out to be in the upper 60s two days before Christmas when we had the shoot. The grass was even green! So we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went outside. I’m sure these images warm the heart every time they are seen.


Wedding: Kara and Brian; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

KaraandBrian 112BW

You don’t happen to hear of too many January weddings, especially those that happen outdoors. Kara and Brian defied the odds with their union. They wanted their shared passion of horses to be apart of their wedding day. They were married in front of their two thoroughbreds’ stalls on a cold- but relatively mild at 32- January afternoon. What a lovely idea:)

KaraandBrian 014BW KaraandBrian 036BW KaraandBrian 026BWKaraandBrian 216BWKaraandBrian 219BWKaraandBrian 065BW KaraandBrian 060BWBWKaraandBrian 107BW KaraandBrian 073BWKaraandBrian 138BW KaraandBrian 126BW KaraandBrian 118BWKaraandBrian 070BW KaraandBrian 020BW KaraandBrian 018BW KaraandBrian 011BW KaraandBrian 007BW

The High Family; Lexington, KY Family Photography



When Stacey contacted me about family photos she said it may be a big challenge and didn’t know if it was possible. She has two wonderful special needs teenage sons and wanted them both to be looking at the camera for photos- which RARELY happens. I love challenges:) I also know that with enough will power, patience, and creativity anything is possible. So on Halloween last year, we utilized the warm Saturday afternoon for some fun family photos at Shaker Village. Everyone was in such good spirits and I think we were all pleased with the outcome:)

High003High010High014 High021High023 High045 High053 High068Well it was Halloween…:)


Engaged: Sarah and Jesse; Louisville, KY Wedding Photgrapher

Sarah and Jesse 134BW

I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph this couple and their daughter. Sarah has been in front of my lens before. She was a bridesmaid for her sister’s wedding I photographed three years ago. I’m so excited to see her family again for their May wedding!

Sarah and Jesse 004BW Sarah and Jesse 042BW Sarah and Jesse 033BW Sarah and Jesse 021BWSarah and Jesse 057BW Sarah and Jesse 069BW Sarah and Jesse 064BWSarah and Jesse 083BW Sarah and Jesse 087BW Sarah and Jesse 084BW

Wedding: Holly & Chase; Danville, Ky, Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer


You couldn’t have asked for a better early November day. Mild temperature with a cool breeze and a little overcast. Holy and Chase were married at a small country church outside Danville. They opted for a first look before the wedding because the daylight would be swallowed by the recent time change. A newly harvested cornfield and a distant tobacco barn was the quaint backdrop for all their images. The two were so much in love, I have to do much directing at all! The reception was held on the opposite side of town at The Showroom- a former car dealership turned banquet hall. I’m sure they’ll be celebrating the day for years and years to come!

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Family Photos: Cassie and Brian; Lexington, KY Family Photographer

Cassie and Brian065


Before we went out for their engagement shoot Cassie and Brian got their boys together for a family shoot. Such well mannered young men they were:) They all genuinely enjoy being together. Cherish time with your family. It goes so fast and you never know when it’s going to be the last time you get to spend with them.

Cassie and Brian016 Cassie and Brian032 Cassie and Brian025 Cassie and Brian040Cassie and Brian045Cassie and Brian054 Cassie and Brian058Cassie and Brian059 Cassie and Brian072Cassie and Brian076 Cassie and Brian078 Cassie and Brian086 Cassie and Brian089 Cassie and Brian098

Wedding: Ashley & Bill; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Ashley and Bill 001


Ashley and Bill are both from New York but had been re-located for work in Louisville. Ashley grew up with horses and they both loved the rich heritage and rolling hills of Kentucky. A majority of their guests were coming from out of state so they wanted to a venue that was unique to remember this state by. Of the Castle Post won hands down! Ashley created a unique wedding day that flowed perfectly. Did I mention they ended up getting new jobs in Tucson, AZ and moving just days after the wedding?! What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. ON to new adventures together!

Ashley and Bill 021

Ashley and Bill 010 Ashley and Bill 080
Ashley and Bill 054

Ashley and Bill 034

Ashley and Bill 106 Ashley and Bill 117

Ashley and Bill 034Ashley and Bill 124Ashley and Bill 130 Ashley and Bill 125Ashley and Bill 153Ashley and Bill 147Ashley and Bill 179 Ashley and Bill 176Ashley and Bill 191Ashley and Bill 221Ashley and Bill 269 Ashley and Bill 282 Ashley and Bill 376

Ashley and Bill 436 Ashley and Bill 446 Ashley and Bill 448Ashley and Bill 475

Engaged: Cassie and Brian; Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Cassie and Brian221

Cassie invited me to come to her farm north of Georgetown for engagement photos and family photos of her and Brian. I knew it’d be beautiful there but I had no idea it’d be so quaint and rolling. With an old house and barn that over looked towering hills, valleys and a creek I was in heaven. The golden autumn even ing sunshine kissed each image with a romantic glow. We took the gator through wooded areas, thorny fields and high hills. So fun! One of my favorite sessions yet!

Cassie and Brian122 Cassie and Brian137 Cassie and Brian144 Cassie and Brian127Cassie and Brian154 Cassie and Brian160 Cassie and Brian163 Cassie and Brian174 Cassie and Brian177 Cassie and Brian180 Cassie and Brian202 Cassie and Brian197 Cassie and Brian190 Cassie and Brian187Cassie and Brian223Cassie and Brian228Cassie and Brian229Cassie and Brian235Cassie and Brian245

Sara and Evelyn, Seniors; Lexington, KY Senior Photography


Sara and Evelyn are not only sisters but are the best of friends. Both stunning and intelligent, I had the hardest time telling them apart. No doubt both girls will soar wherever life’s path leads them as they embark on a journey past high school.

Sara099 Sara093 Sara087 Sara075 Sara067 Sara047 Sara043 Sara034 Sara026 Sara022 Sara013 Sara009 Evelyn109 Evelyn106 Evelyn103 Evelyn091 Evelyn079 Evelyn074 Evelyn070 Evelyn063 Evelyn059 Evelyn055 Evelyn051 Evelyn046 Evelyn042 Evelyn039 Evelyn038 Evelyn026 Evelyn018 Evelyn017 Evelyn013