Holly: Cincinnati Senior Photos

Holly’s senior photo shoot: We were on top of the world! Well…kind of:) Eden Park in Cincinnati has a view that overlooks Covington/ Newport and the Ohio River. It’s just breathtaking there in fall. Oranges, reds, yellows woven throughout the rolling hills. It’s a grand park with plenty of walking/ running trails. The best part-right next to the Cincinnati Art Museum! I lose hours in there.

I was so excited when Holly’s mom contacted me for her photos and suggested the park. Last October I was at that same park taking engagement photos for her sister and brother-in-law! How blessed am I to stay in the family?:) I immediately went to work getting her to feel comfortable with me and the camera by asking her to wade into some large foxy-tailed plants. Surly her giggles were questioning the validity of my credentials…lol. Needless to say we had a fabulous time in the 75-ish degree October weather. Holly’s bright, beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair made nearly every frame irresistible. She was such a good sport as I coached her on how to twirl the umbrella and dance around. It might feel unnatural but it looks great in print!

Holly you are breath-taking! College will be a blast. Enjoy your senior year!

















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To See a Beautiful Woman: Cincinnati Portrait

Women: we are so delicate, so lovely. We were made to be admired; made to want to be admired. No, we are not sexual objects but artwork worthy of being respected and cherished. This gorgeous young woman is a professional from Cincinnati. “Redd” knows how to carry herself with confidence and poise and it’s only fitting that photographs should reflect her personality. We had such a fine time taking portraits. She was so much fun, willing to hunker down in the tall grass for some great backgrounds. Thanks for a fun shoot Redd! Stay fabulous:)

Danelle Alexis Photography

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From the KY side

It’s almost funny that I have lived so close to Cincinnati and have not really started to explore it until the last few months. In my defense, most people live in an area and NEVER get to know its history, its beauty or even the name of some its most famous landmarks. I’d like to discover the Queen and paint her in a new light. I can’t wait until it gets warmer. Then I can get some breathtaking night shots.

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge has a twin in New York City better know as the Brooklyn Bridge. Cinci’s bridge was built first; some say as a prototype.

A view of the Scripps Center from outside the US Bank Arena.

View of the city from Kentucky’s Devou Park. Yes it’s rather brown and dull but give spring a couple weeks to work her magic.

Published: Easter Card for St. Vincent Du Paul, Cincinnati

I photographed Sarah and Wade’s wedding in December. It just so happened Sarah works for the St. Vincent Du Paul Society in Cincinnati. Every year the organization uses the work from a local photographer for their Christmas and Easter cards. I’m so thankful and excited that Sarah passed my name along because St. Vincent’s decided to use my work! My friend’s little girl Avery was the perfect model for this year’s Easter card.

Thank you Sarah and Wade. Thank you Vincent Du Paul. God works in ways you can never expect. So, hi Cincinnati and happy Easter!

Skyline Time

More Cincinnati views. Note to self: taking outdoor photographs is much better when it’s above 20 degrees.

From Kentucky

Twinkling Town on the River

The Queen City: a Small Glimpse of Her Splendor

Magellan; that’s what you can call me. Exploring is in my blood. I live for the chance to discover something new. I’ve made Cincinnati my new “new world.” Obviously people have lived here for centuries, the city itself was founded in 1790 as Losantiville-13 years before Ohio became a state. Revolutionary War General St. Clair later changed the name to Cincinnati, after the Society of Cincinnatus. Her population growth and importance in commerce and river trade made her the biggest, most bustling city in the west. She was know as the “Queen of the West” or just “The Queen City.”

So, because I live so close to such a gem, I’m going to find the most beautiful parts of the city. The places where you’d expect and the places you’d normally never give a second thought to-I’ll find them. I will show them to you in a way you’ve never seen them before! You’ll discover Cincinnati too:)

View from Mt. Adams