Engaged: Barb and Scoot; Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Barb and Scott138

You can’t be unhappy and skip at the same time. Neither can you be around Barb and Scott and be unhappy at the same time. With Scott’s infectious laugh and Barb’s constant smiles they are a couple full of joy. I couldn’t have been more delighted to spend a few hours with them. I found early on Barb and I have a unique connection! She is studying to get her Phd for dairy science at UK and I grew up on a dairy farm. How excited was I when she asked if we could do some engagement photos on the UK dairy property? I’ve experienced a lot of things over the years as a photographer but I’d never had a calf nibble on my gear until that evening:) Time well spent! Can’t wait for their wedding in a couple weeks!

Barb and Scott014 Barb and Scott018Barb and Scott036 Barb and Scott046 Barb and Scott052 Barb and Scott062Barb and Scott088 Barb and Scott096 Barb and Scott098Barb and Scott113 Barb and Scott121 Barb and Scott143Barb and Scott161 Barb and Scott174 Barb and Scott182Barb and Scott190 Barb and Scott193 Barb and Scott196 Barb and Scott182

Engaged: Kelli & Nes; Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Kelli and Nes 081It was only a matter of time before Kelli and Nes would meet. Both were on athletic teams at Asbury University; he played tennis, she played basketball. They began as friends and soon discovered their love for each other. Kelli graduated last year and Nes will be finished with school this year. Can’t wait to photograph your May wedding!

Kelli and Nes 007 Kelli and Nes 015Kelli and Nes 018Kelli and Nes 028 Kelli and Nes 030 Kelli and Nes 034 Kelli and Nes 036Kelli and Nes 040Kelli and Nes 051 Kelli and Nes 063Kelli and Nes 078 Kelli and Nes 081 Kelli and Nes 093Kelli and Nes 106 Kelli and Nes 127 Kelli and Nes 130 Kelli and Nes 149Kelli and Nes 165 Kelli and Nes 182 Kelli and Nes 135

Engaged: Sarah and Jesse; Louisville, KY Wedding Photgrapher

Sarah and Jesse 134BW

I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph this couple and their daughter. Sarah has been in front of my lens before. She was a bridesmaid for her sister’s wedding I photographed three years ago. I’m so excited to see her family again for their May wedding!

Sarah and Jesse 004BW Sarah and Jesse 042BW Sarah and Jesse 033BW Sarah and Jesse 021BWSarah and Jesse 057BW Sarah and Jesse 069BW Sarah and Jesse 064BWSarah and Jesse 083BW Sarah and Jesse 087BW Sarah and Jesse 084BW

Engaged: Cassie and Brian; Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Cassie and Brian221

Cassie invited me to come to her farm north of Georgetown for engagement photos and family photos of her and Brian. I knew it’d be beautiful there but I had no idea it’d be so quaint and rolling. With an old house and barn that over looked towering hills, valleys and a creek I was in heaven. The golden autumn even ing sunshine kissed each image with a romantic glow. We took the gator through wooded areas, thorny fields and high hills. So fun! One of my favorite sessions yet!

Cassie and Brian122 Cassie and Brian137 Cassie and Brian144 Cassie and Brian127Cassie and Brian154 Cassie and Brian160 Cassie and Brian163 Cassie and Brian174 Cassie and Brian177 Cassie and Brian180 Cassie and Brian202 Cassie and Brian197 Cassie and Brian190 Cassie and Brian187Cassie and Brian223Cassie and Brian228Cassie and Brian229Cassie and Brian235Cassie and Brian245

Engaged: Dana and Mark; Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Dana and Mark 146

Dana and Mark flew in from Florida just for the session. We had to re-schedule their Saturday morning shoot for Sunday at Keeneland due to a monsoon that morning! Dana is from Lexington and had met Mark in Florida where she works. They’ve been friends for years and the friendship has blossomed into a lasting, deeper love.

Dana and Mark 007 Dana and Mark 010 Dana and Mark 011Dana and Mark 018Dana and Mark 023 Dana and Mark 025 Dana and Mark 027Dana and Mark 035Dana and Mark 059 Dana and Mark 068Dana and Mark 088 Dana and Mark 091


Engaged: Sarah and Brandon; Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Sara and Brandon127

It was the perfect fall evening for photos. We had to reschedule from the downpour in the previous week. I’d probably done 4 family sessions in the two weeks leading up to their session. I love children but after working to get suitable family photos with several kids 2 years old and younger- working with their dog Griffey was a breeze!!

Sara and Brandon’s engagement session had to be one of my favorites. Not only because it was at the beautiful Shaker Village outside of Lexington, but because we found a big field of sunflowers!! It’s ever gal’s dream to photograph in a field of sunflowers:)

Sara and Brandon007 Sara and Brandon026Sara and Brandon039 Sara and Brandon045 Sara and Brandon047Sara and Brandon050 Sara and Brandon066 Sara and Brandon076 Sara and Brandon082Sara and Brandon098 Sara and Brandon107 Sara and Brandon091Sara and Brandon131 Sara and Brandon141 Sara and Brandon147 Sara and Brandon159 Sara and Brandon155


Engaged: Morgan & John; Lexington, Kentucky Engagement and Wedding Photography

Morgan and John 083

I had the best time with Morgan and John at Shaker Village! It’s my favorite location outside Lexington, Ky. They were so full of joy and I think so much of that joy came from each other. They are a couple that just wants to be together- like best friends:) Sessions go so much smoother when the man actually has a good time taking photos. (Ok, I know it’s not a big “guy thing” to want to have your picture taken. The thought can be a real drag I’m sure! But hey guys- you get to be near and snuggle up next to your gal, the woman of your dreams!) John was a complete trooper and I think he may have enjoyed the time we all three spent taking pictures together. That makes for better images. The couples reactions were so sweet and true toward each other. The couples wedding will be in April in Frankfort and I’m so excited to be responsible for their wedding photography. :)

Morgan and John 008 Morgan and John 010 Morgan and John 034Morgan and John 037Morgan and John 059 Morgan and John 077 Morgan and John 083 Morgan and John 095Morgan and John 103 Morgan and John 104Morgan and John 117 Morgan and John 122 Morgan and John 130Morgan and John 160


Engaged: Holly and Chase; Danville, KY Engagement Photography

Holly and Chase 136

It was tremendously humid and we were in a race to beat the ominously dark clouds to the distant west. Holly and Chase were all smiles for their engagement session in Danville. We spent part of the session on the campus of Centre College where they met. After a set change, we ventured to the picturesque downtown area of Danville!

Holly and Chase 011 Holly and Chase 033 Holly and Chase 039 Holly and Chase 047 Holly and Chase 052 Holly and Chase 062Holly and Chase 066Holly and Chase 086 Holly and Chase 089Holly and Chase 097 Holly and Chase 113 Holly and Chase 117 Holly and Chase 124 Holly and Chase 132 Holly and Chase 143 Holly and Chase 146

Tanya & Jonathan: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Tanya and Jonathan157


I think we had such a great time during Tanya and Jonathan’s engagement session we all lost track of time! We shot all over downtown Lexington, even after the sun went down. From the Opera House and Children’s Museum to a view with Rupp Arena in the background and Due to Jonathan living hundreds of miles away until a couple months before the wedding, we didn’t take their photos until June. That made for a warm evening of fun!

Tanya and Jonathan021 Tanya and Jonathan024 Tanya and Jonathan027Tanya and Jonathan046 Tanya and Jonathan045 Tanya and Jonathan055 Tanya and Jonathan063 Tanya and Jonathan079Tanya and Jonathan090 Tanya and Jonathan093 Tanya and Jonathan097 Tanya and Jonathan116Tanya and Jonathan128Tanya and Jonathan138Tanya and Jonathan145 Tanya and Jonathan157 Tanya and Jonathan160

Haley & Michael: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Haley and Michael 007

I absolutely LOVE weddings I get to photograph when I’ve done a sibling’s, groomsmen’s or bridesmaid’s wedding. It’s almost like going to a family reunion- not that I’ve ever really been to a reunion. It’d definitely be something like that though. It’s wonderful to see people I know and they know me so even though I’m working I’m treated with the hospitality of a guest. It’s just the best of times. Of course I was delighted when Haley sent me an email about 2 months before her wedding with concerns about her current photographer. She knew it was late in the game but since I had photographed her sister’s wedding in December she thought she’d give it a shot and ask if I had her and Michael’s date open. Just so happens it was my last open June date! We quickly scheduled an engagement session in Georgetown at Yuko-En on the Elkhorn, one of the couple’s favorite date spots when Haley was at Transylvania. Such a fun couple; best friends and soul mates.:)

Haley and Michael 010Haley and Michael 019 Haley and Michael 027Haley and Michael 035Haley and Michael 042 Haley and Michael 044 Haley and Michael 049Haley and Michael 051 Haley and Michael 053Haley and Michael 059Haley and Michael 062 Haley and Michael 070Haley and Michael 081 Haley and Michael 087Haley and Michael 092 Haley and Michael 100Haley and Michael 110