Engaged: Molly and Zach: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Molly and Zach 020



How excited was I when Molly asked me to photograph her wedding?! She’s the sister of some good friend’s of mine, the Irwins. The wedding will be in Sandusky, Michigan at the end of July but Molly and Zach made a special trip to Kentucky for engagement photos. We went out to Shaker Village for some beautiful evening light and lovely Kentucky countryside. It was a perfect evening near 70 degrees in April. The celebration is almost here!

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Andrew and Rachel: Lexington, KY Family Photographer


I’ve known Rachel for several years now. She’s been a photographer for over 15 years now and I met her when I first moved to Lexington. Full of life and spunk she’s worked some weddings with me and we’ve learned and had many good times together. People like her are so important to have when you work by yourself:)

I was honored to be able to shoot a session for her and her husband of 8 years, Andrew. It was a late fall, overcast/ rainy day but we braved the weather and headed out to Shaker Village for a fun morning shoot. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a morning:) Thanks for all the good times and those to come!

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Engaged Ashley and JD: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography



It was such a joy to be able to spend a couple hours on a sunny afternoon with AShley and JD. I photographed JD’s sister’s wedding a couple years earlier. He has the sweetest sister in the world and such a great family! He and Ashley go well together. Such a fun-spirited couple. They recently moved to St. Lois and enjoyed having their dear Lexington in the background of their engagement images. Their destination wedding next year will be a joyous occasion!

Ashley and JD 008 Ashley and JD 004Ashley and JD 014 Ashley and JD 017 Ashley and JD 016Ashley and JD 026 Ashley and JD 024Ashley and JD 029 Ashley and JD 033 Ashley and JD 032Ashley and JD 036 Ashley and JD 037Ashley and JD 041 Ashley and JD 045 Ashley and JD 050Ashley and JD 061 Ashley and JD 063 Ashley and JD 081Ashley and JD 093 Ashley and JD 098 Ashley and JD 101Ashley and JD 106 Ashley and JD 108 Ashley and JD 123

Engaged: Alison & Justin: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Alison and Justin127

I’m quite excited to capture this couple’s wedding. They are practically family:) I photographed Justin’s brother’s wedding 3 years ago and now I get to see him begin a family. Alison and Justin are a sweet, fun-loving couple. They chose Shaker Village as the place to have their engagement photographs. Alison is from Chicago so it’s only fitting we try and get some of the scenes that make Kentucky so beautiful in their images. They’ve chose the Kentucky Horse Park as the location for their March wedding. I can’t wait and it will be here before you know it!

Alison and Justin008Alison and Justin029 Alison and Justin033Alison and Justin055 Alison and Justin063Alison and Justin074Alison and Justin082 Alison and Justin088 Alison and Justin091Alison and Justin097Alison and Justin103 Alison and Justin109 Alison and Justin112Alison and Justin113 Alison and Justin114Alison and Justin119Alison and Justin122 Alison and Justin126 Alison and Justin127 Alison and Justin132Alison and Justin137

Engaged: Courtney & Nick; Lexington, Kentucky Engagement Photography


Courtney and Nick154

She’s from California. He’s from Wisconsin. It’s the horse industry in Kentucky that brought these two together. Their mutual love for horses brought Courtney here to study and Nick for a job. They both met working for facilities in the area. Being a rider myself, I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph them with Courtney’s horse, Dream! She’s such a beautiful dapple buckskin. Dream and Nick’s horse, Bill, will both be a part of their Shaker Village wedding in May. It will be a lowly ceremony indeed!

Courtney and Nick028 Courtney and Nick033 Courtney and Nick036Courtney and Nick042

Courtney and Nick060 Courtney and Nick061Courtney and Nick064 Courtney and Nick067 Courtney and Nick069Courtney and Nick088 Courtney and Nick097 Courtney and Nick101 Courtney and Nick125Courtney and Nick140 Courtney and Nick160 Courtney and Nick174 Courtney and Nick177 Courtney and Nick164

Engaged: Kelsey and Jeremy; Cincinnati Engagement Photography

Kelsey and Jeremy 105

Kelsey and Jeremy are the best of friends. It’s no wonder they can’t live without each other. We shot their engagement session around Mt. Adams- one of the the loveliest areas of Cincinnati. So excited for your wedding at the end of the year!

Kelsey and Jeremy 010 Kelsey and Jeremy 020 Kelsey and Jeremy 026 Kelsey and Jeremy 030 Kelsey and Jeremy 049Kelsey and Jeremy 055 Kelsey and Jeremy 057 Kelsey and Jeremy 063 Kelsey and Jeremy 064Kelsey and Jeremy 071 Kelsey and Jeremy 072 Kelsey and Jeremy 075Kelsey and Jeremy 078 Kelsey and Jeremy 084Kelsey and Jeremy 099 Kelsey and Jeremy 094


Engaged: Stephanie & Zach: Lexington, Kentucky Engagement and Wedding Photography

Steph and Zach065

I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph this couple at Shaker Village! Stephanie and Zach drove to Lexington, Kentucky from Cincinnati for a mid-morning engagement photography session- 10:00. I’ve known Stephanie for many years. She’s my good friend’s little sister:) We went to church together when I lived in Ohio. Now she’s all grown up and found the man of her dreams- Zach. Such a blessing to see them together. I can’t wait to be your wedding photographer in August!

Steph and Zach009 Steph and Zach096 Steph and Zach083 Steph and Zach076 Steph and Zach070 Steph and Zach068 Steph and Zach055 Steph and Zach052 Steph and Zach045 Steph and Zach039 Steph and Zach022 Steph and Zach015


Engaged: Leah and John : Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer



Leah and John; as sweet as pie and country as can be. Both are the kind of people you know within a few minutes you’re going to be good friends. How perfect to have an engagement photography session in the Kentucky countryside for this down-to-Earth couple. They chose Pisgah Pike Church.  John even shined up his dear Chevy pick up just for the occasion! Can’t wait to be your wedding photographer in July!

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Engaged: Amber & Derek: Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer



Amber and Derek met me at Shaker Village for a beautiful evening engagement session. It’s one of the most beautiful places near Lexington for a photography session. It was March so the air was cool but the sunshine was nice and warm. Such a fun-loving couple! They even brought their cute little pup- Brody! I’m looking forward to their September wedding!


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Engaged: Roccio & Nate: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography



Roccio and Nate moved to Lexington, Kentucky recently. She’s from Miami and he’s from Georgia. Love has found them both settling in the bluegrass for a season. They will marry in Roccio’s native, Florida, but chose Lexington for their engagement photography. They wanted to show things that were very “Lexington” so they chose Keeneland, the Kentucky Theater and Thoroughbred Park. What a fun and lovely couple to spend an afternoon with! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!


RoccioAndNate028 RoccioAndNate039RoccioAndNate042RoccioAndNate051 RoccioAndNate062 RoccioAndNate065 RoccioAndNate075 RoccioAndNate078RoccioAndNate088 RoccioAndNate097 RoccioAndNate111RoccioAndNate124 RoccioAndNate140