Horse Mania Challenge: Lexington, KY Photography

I really did try…HARD. I wanted to get so many more horses on camera. The rain, however, had other plans. It’s a no go on getting the photo gear out in the rain. I got a few shots in between sprinkles. Photographing all 82-it’s kinda like how the west was won. Little by little:)

Desert Dream

Danelle Alexis Photography

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More of Chicago: Chicago Landscape Photography

Here are more from the Windy City trip.

the locals

State Street at dawn

I'm so addicted to the "blue hour"

Danelle Alexis Photography

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I Survived Running of the Brides-Chicago; Wedding Photographer

It all started on July 22.  Ashleigh, the bride, had her brother go downtown and stake out a place in line about 3:30. The doors were going to open at 8:00 am the next morning for Filene’s Basement’s once a year bridal gown sale known as “Running of the Brides.” I came with Ashleigh and 4 other ladies from Lake Bluff about 9:30 pm. A couple more women joined her team before midnight to camp out and wait for the night on State St. It was rough sleeping in a bag camping chair. Just when I’d finally doze off, a siren would go off, someone in a taxi would yell at us driving by or I’d hear the men across the street fixing something drop plywood or a ladder.

5:00 am opening of Starbucks felt like Christmas! I made it a double that morning for sure. As 8:00 am drew closer news crews were flocking in to interview Ashleigh and the other thousands of women lined up to get the deeply discounted designer dresses. Just before 8:00 they allowed the line to come in and snake down to the bottom of the escalator that leads into the store. The had everyone countdown the last 15 seconds outloud. The crowd started slowly shoving forward in eager anticipation to run frantically into the store and grab all the dresses a team could for their bride.

When the rope was dropped, we all ran to grab as many dresses as one could carry. The dresses are just hung on the racks-in no certain order of style, color or size. You just grab what you can and run back to the bride and pile them up. Ashleigh had strategized to have someone guard the pile of dresses that about 12 girls had gathered so no one would steal them. Yes, someone would. There were two-three women helping her try on dresses and sort sizes she needed as quickly as possible. When one wouldn’t work it was handed to someone on the team to “barter” for a dress that might work. You have to have “collateral” to try for other dresses you need to try in order to get our dream dress. Without a dress to try you probably won’t be able to find a dress to try on at all. Women just change in the middle of the store. It feels crazy. But if you want your dream dress at a dream price, you will sacrifice some things. Sanity? Maybe. It’s all an exciting experience. One for the books.

Ashleigh’s certain dress experience didn’t stop when she found her dress. Yes there was fireworks and cheering. Until someone, unaware it was THE DRESS, gave it away thinking it was just another dress they didn’t need. Talk about frantic women!!! Luck would have it the dress was found by a team member and through a tiny word scuffle with another bride, it was recovered! Whew! All things are good again!

Ashleigh's brave campers

doing one of many interviews that morning


and she found it!

Horse Mania! Lexington, KY Photographer

Need something fun to do around Lexington? Horse Mania is back! I found a couple horses at Gratz Park. I’m to photograph all 82…all from different angles. It’s a challenge indeed. I don’t think there is a map of where all of them are. I’m not even sure if 82 is the official number. Doesn’t matter really. Stay tuned. This will be quite the challenge. :)

Modeling Angel Wings for KivaPix

I had the greatest of opportunities to model angel wings for a photo shoot. This wasn’t just for any photographer. It was for the photographer who has taught me so much about everything “photography.” Bill Morgan of KivaPix sent me a photo of himself wearing a giant pair of angel wings he’d purchased saying he needed the perfect model for them. My first thought: I have the perfect hair for the job! So above is a photograph of myself wearing the feathery beauties:)

We spent about 4 hours shooting on Harry and Eileen’s former koi farm and surrounding areas on a Saturday morning in Lancaster, OH. Bill had a TON of ideas. From a swing, to climbing a tree, getting in a pond, standing on a straw round bale, playing at a church…they are all there!

To see the full gallery of almost 200 images from the shoot go here:

Angel Photo Shoot

Published: Easter Card for St. Vincent Du Paul, Cincinnati

I photographed Sarah and Wade’s wedding in December. It just so happened Sarah works for the St. Vincent Du Paul Society in Cincinnati. Every year the organization uses the work from a local photographer for their Christmas and Easter cards. I’m so thankful and excited that Sarah passed my name along because St. Vincent’s decided to use my work! My friend’s little girl Avery was the perfect model for this year’s Easter card.

Thank you Sarah and Wade. Thank you Vincent Du Paul. God works in ways you can never expect. So, hi Cincinnati and happy Easter!

Leaving Gotham: Going Home

A good friend of mine is moving from Cincinnati back to his native New York City. Over time, his apartment has become known as the Batcave. It’s been the home of many good times, trying times and growing times. As a celebration of his last few weeks in the grassy meadow lands of Ohio, we all decided to take some photos. Yes, we look like a band with our array of edgy finishes. Slim gets the award for the best faces. The funny thing about these band photos- none of us play the guitar or bass except Russ. Russ-we will miss you!

"Thomas Concognis", "Slim Natey", Russ "New York", "Nature Girl"

something dramatic

Asbury Outdoors’ Adventure Race 2009

Three years ago I started working at the Asbury College Challenge Course. It’s gorgeous, all outside and I get to help people learn about themselves, leadership and team dynamics through adventure challenge. The course is part of Asbury College’s Adventure programs. The college is in the perfect area for everything outdoors: the river, the forest, the palisades.

Each October Asbury Outdoors hosts an Adventure Race. The race covers 9 miles through mountain biking, trail running, canoeing, completing a section of the high ropes course and completing a problem-solving low ropes initiative. This year it was on October 31. The morning was wet and cold but it seem to dampen the spirits of the contestants. There had been so much rain, a raging waterfall had formed over the top of the palisade trail. Runners had to pass through the waterfall for a section of the trail run. Never a dull moment when adventure is involved.







To see a complete image gallery, go to my website and type in “adventure” in the “client proof” section. If you were a participant in the race please contact Trent Ellsworth at 859-858-3511, ext. 2491, for a complementary disc of images.

Crisis Pregnancy Center’s Love Walk

Assurance Crisis Pregnancy Center’s Love Walk was held October 3 at Applebees Park in Lexington. Hundreds of volunteers and participants gathered to bring awareness and raise funds for the center. Assurance provides free counseling and ultrasounds to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. For a complete photo gallery click here and type in “love walk” in the password section.






No event is complete wthout the Chick-Fil-A cow


Coffee, laughs and friendship warmed up a chilly morning