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Baby Micah; Lexington Kentucky Newborn and Family Photography

Baby Micah 155

I photographed Leah and John as they became man and wife almost three years ago in Versailles. I couldn’t have been more excited to hear she was expecting her and John’s first child- a little boy! I just knew Leah’s family would adore the new little. Her brother and parents both live close and are some of the most wonderful people. They are the kind you meet and after 5 minutes you feel like you’e known them forever. Warm, kind-spirited, Christ-centered folks. I jumped at the chance to photograph the newest family member; the sweetest little man.

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Baby Madison: Kentucky Newborn Photographer



So delicate and new yet resilient and strong. That’s a new little child born to the world! On Valentine’s day I photographed the Monson’s second baby, an adorable little girl! Just shy of two weeks, she was warm, cushy and quite content. There’s few honors bigger than being asked to photograph the children of your wedding clients. It’s such a joy to watch David and Stephanie grow as parents to Conner and now baby Madison:)


Sara and Evelyn, Seniors; Lexington, KY Senior Photography


Sara and Evelyn are not only sisters but are the best of friends. Both stunning and intelligent, I had the hardest time telling them apart. No doubt both girls will soar wherever life’s path leads them as they embark on a journey past high school.

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And Sometimes You Need to Shoot in Waders; Lexington Kentucky Photographer


Hair spray, curling irons, lengthy false lashes, tulle, silk, colorful flowers, high heels, brides, grooms- those are the shoots I’m most known for. Not today. Thick mud, rushing creek water, fish, turtles, rocks, science students: that was the recipe of my shoot this morning. If it involves the outdoors, count me in. Count me twice if a body of water is involved. I’ve been on an assignment for Asbury University to shoot the 2 weeks of academic summer camps called Impact U. Equine, Film, Theater, Visual Arts, Adventure, Biology, Music, Creative Writing and Worship Arts are the featured week-long camps.

This morning I found myself donning waders <insert girly squeals of excitement> to photograph the biology camp shocking fish in Hickman Creek. Exploring creeks is one of my all-time favorite things to do. When I was a little girl I was always back playing in the creek behind our house. There are just so many treasures to find!! Crawfish, worms, fish, turtles, fossils…

Waders are a welcomed and nice change to black dress pants, nice shirt and hot rolled hair. It’s not that waders are “oh so comfortable” or “oh so good-looking.” Waterproof is great but that means air proof so sweat rolls down your legs and back. However, they’re like stepping into a vehicle on a one-way trip to adventure. Variety is the spice of life. Well, my life anyway:)





Variety. Some say it’s the spice of life. I completely agree. Too many people find their identity in one thing- their career, their family, their hobby, etc. I like to be

How I Came to Have a Dog Named Scooby Doo



It’s strange how things happen. We didn’t plan on seeing him again. After all, he had a family already. Let me back up about two years. One morning around the middle of February I was working at my mac– editing, marketing, tutorials, etc. From the second story window in my home office I looked out and saw a dog running around the neighborhood. It wasn’t the usual chicken-terrorizing (and eating) black lab or the dashound/ beagle mix duo waddling about. It looked like what I thought was an Irish Setter. (He’s really a golden retriever; who knew they came in that color?!) Dogs run about often so I didn’t think too much about it.

I usually went to Jazzercise in the late afternoon (after mostly sitting all day I NEED some way to beat the lethargy). That day it was in the 50s so I decided to skip it and went for a walk to get some fresh air. Don’t you know that same red doggy was running around and ran right up to me. He was terribly friendly so I loved on him a while and thought he’d scoot along on his way. Nope. He followed me. I tried to get him to go on his way. Nope. He followed me right to the front steps of the house and wouldn’t leave my side. The sweetest, softest thing, he plopped down right next to me. I sank down on the step wondering what I was going to do. Obviously he belonged to somebody so I couldn’t just leave him to get hit on the road or something. Before I could get stressed trying to figure out what to do with him a bird flew by and that dog was not far behind him! “Guess he’ll find his way home,” I thought.

Back at my desk and about 20 minutes later, I get a text from my mom. It’s a picture of her with that same dog…in the garage! She asked me to come down and see her new friend. (I rent out the upstairs of my parent’s home. We get along well, I get to live in the country, do yard work and have a big garden.) I don’t recall what happened next but he was invited inside where he was the perfect house guest for the next couple days until we could find his owner. In fact he followed each of us around everywhere and if I sat on the floor that dog was instantly laying right next to me with his head in my lap. He was someone’s baby for sure. We called the pound, local vets, kennels and put out notifications on Facebook.

It just so happened that my mom called a vet where the dog’s family’s grandmother works. I also had a friend who saw his picture on Facebook and had a co-worker missing a dog just like him named “Scooby.” Apparently it wasn’t Scooby’s first jailbreak. It was his third. (One more reason to get your dog neutered- they don’t run around so much.

When Darryl, Scooby’s owner, came to the door to claim him the dog came out with tail wagging mightily. After a good hello, Scooby came back and sat at my dad’s feet! We’d have never known it but Scooby was an outside dog 90% of the time. No wonder he loved it at our house so much!

Back to May 2015: Scooby’s family was moving to a new location and wouldn’t have room for him. He needed a new family and ours was the first name to come up. So I guess the rest is history. Or more like a great new beginning for all of us. Here’s to a new road with a golden retriever.  It’s so different already!

Scoob is pure sunshine. We could all use a little more sunshine.


Chris Weiss- Lexington Guitarist and Songwriter: Lexington, Kentucky Lifestyle Photography


If you’re looking for a musician that’s as enjoyable to hang out with as he is to listen to- you’ve got to check out Lexington, Kentucky guitarist and songwriter Chris Weiss. Listening to him run his fingers over the fretboard of his guitar will leave your head spinning. He’s as good of songwriter to boot! I’ve known Chris for several years and his style and stance has blossomed with the support of his family and fans. It’s always a pleasure to be a photographer for his media shots or a concert. Make sure to check him out on his concert tour this summer!



Trigger Finger; Green Thumb



If my life was only filled with photography and weddings I doubt I’d be very interesting. Besides, creativity is spawned through keeping the mind fresh, experiencing activities and ideas! While I do enjoy photographing weddings and life’s most important events, my soul has always been connected to the soil. I just can’t stay out of the garden! Every year I find it has become mysteriously bigger. I just can’t figure out how that happens.;)

The climate and soil here in Lexington, Kentucky is warmer than the Ohio I grew up in. That means a longer growing season. So…my foray into starting seeds indoors has begun on the tail end of a hard. cold winter. When I see the first green begin to poke through the surface it’s like Christmas morning!


Snow in Kentucky

We got snow again this morning in Kentucky! I think we’ve had more snow this year than the past two combined. I took my camera when I let the horses out for Becky this morning and seized the day…or the nose:)

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Peanuts Are Coming

It’s time for my peanuts to go into the ground:) Its just so incredible that a little seed holds this tiny being just waiting for the right conditions to open up and emerge. Can you believe a plant is coming out of this peanut?! It’s like the pearl inside the oyster. That’s one thing that fascinates me about the peanut or any dicotyledon (beans, peas, etc.). You can watch the seed open and the plant emerge. It’s just too exciting!! I’m a bit nerdy when it comes to plants…and maybe art…maybe a little. I’m going to try and get them in the ground today after an afternoon shoot for the local college.:)



Green Thumb Files: Little Bags of Wonder

Look at all these…and this is only the beginning. I love photography but my roots go deeper and stronger into layers of soil. I don’t remember a time in my 31 years that I didn’t have a garden. There’s something about working the earth that gets in your blood. That sweet smell of fresh turned dirt in the spring is euphoric. Garden gloves, shovels, and tillers fill your dreams. Bigger, better plants with greater yields become your goal. When summertime comes there’s no time for TV, shopping malls…just evenings and weekends in the garden- pruning, weeding, watering…dreaming:)

So I have big dreams for my garden this year and these seeds are just the beginning. Every year I like to try new plants. This year I’ve already got winter wheat in. I’ll have 3 kinds of soybeans, black emmer wheat, two new kinds of beans and some new peanut varieties. I still have to order my peanuts and buy onion sets, tomatoes and pepper plants. I can’t plant anything until March. That will be my onions. Then I’ll wait another month and start the peanuts in peat pots and get them out mid-April. Once May comes…IT”S ON!!! I can’t wait!!!

One of my new bean varieties!