Everday Life

Still Going Strong

Truth- I’m behind on blogging. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to blog about. December is generally a winding down time but this year it just…happened! When January is usually quieter for most photographers mine has been busier than ever! I had 3 weddings in December, 2 bridal shows the first two weekends in January and photographed 3 engagement sessions for 2013 so far. Did I mention I have two more e-sessions in the next week? It’s cold out but nothing a little under armor and snuggling can’t help;) I’ve also been doing some re-vamp to the business side of the studio. I’m getting a new logo by the marvelous Two-Cups Design! I couldn’t have found a better company: incredible at marketing design and seasoned in the bridal industry. Two-Cups also custom designs bridal invitations from Save-the-Dates to wedding invitations to custom thank yous. I’ve also been working on finding more creative, affordable product for clients so be sure to inquire about the latest products. SO…I’ll be updating my blog soon with sessions and hopefully more about life too.

Here's the booth from the bridal shows. We haul it in a trailer: 5 pieces for the walls, 2 pieces of pine furniture, a zebra rug and some of my favorite canvases.

I put one of my faithful show helper: my sister. She'll love me for this:)


Mornings: Don’t Miss the Treasures

Nutmeg in the Morning

Most people grimace at the thought of getting up at sunrise. They’ve seen it in photographs and heard about but never have experienced it themselves. The best part of my day happens at the very beginning. Every morning I wake up before the sun and venture outdoors for a walk in the cool, crisp dim light of morning. I gather my thoughts and talk to the Lord as I watch the sun slowly creep over the horizon. It’s like another world, the morning. So much to see and experience. It’s worth the sacrifice of sleeping in…every time:)


We’re in Trouble Now!

Oh no. My nephew Parker is crawling. He’s only 7 months! Weren’t we all supposed to have a few more months before thinking about socket covers, latching cupboards and sweeping floors daily? But good gray he’s a cutie! If he wants to crawl, we’ll go ahead and let him. Just Parker, please still want to cuddle when you’re tired and don’t wipe our kisses from your chubby little cheeks…for a little while anyway:)




Amber Waves of Grain

Kansas: people around here regard Kansas as the big piece of boring you have to drive through to get to Colorado. I’ve discovered that couldn’t be further form the truth. Kansas is wide, open and still relatively wild…if you know where to look. Or I rather HOW to look.

“Kansas…both the desert and the jewel of the West…born of the prairie…with the throbbing of Indian chants for a lullaby…Kansas…once the home of countless herds of buffalo..the stamping ground of Custer…Wild Bill Hicock…Buffalo Bill Cody…Kansas…the land of dreams where once again phantom wagon trains lumber slowly over the prairies to the echo of buffalo guns…Kansas…land of sunflowers…at the crossroads of the nation…the land of people who made it Kansas.”
W.G. Clugston, 1943

Getting Back to America

It’s always good to be reminded of where we came from. I love a bit of nostalgia. I dig American history. I discovered this old truck during my trip to Kansas. Kansas is a treasure trove of history:)

What No Manicure Can Cure: My Green Thumb

It’s time!!! Time for planting and tilling and weeding! It’s what runs through my veins…plants! I come from long lines of farmers on both sides of my family. My garden brings me so much joy I had to share. I planted some basics a couple weeks ago. I’ll spend all summer (when not editing and shooting) taking care of these vegetables:)

You make little mounds of dirt for the zucchini seeds.

Measure between rows for the green beans, sunflowers and zinnias.

I always use a string marker to make sure my rows are straight.

Ahhhh…sunflowers:) Who doesn’t smile at a sunflower?

One by one they’ll pop up with rain and warm sun!

Voices From A Road Trip West: Part 2

“The basic living core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounter from new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a different sun.”

-Chris McCandless

Utah wets the thirstiest of adventurous appetites. From the towering red rock to the drifting dunes, from the sandstone arches to the spiking hoo doos, Utah is a land like no other.


Be Educated!

How do you turn this…

Into this???

Do you have a digital SLR camera and shoot on “P” or auto mode? Why not take a few lessons and learn how to really use the machine? With a couple lessons you can learn how to really work your camera.
Then there’s the beast we all call Photoshop. The software program is extensive. We’ve heard everyone say “just Photoshop it” but the truth is it’s not that easy. It takes time and know how to alter images. Would you like to learn how to open up the world of Photoshop? I can teach some easy basics of Photoshop that will have your images polished and ready to frame.
For private lesson information please contact danellealexis@yahoo.com or call 859.753.4400.

Feeling Down? Saddle up!

“Feeling down? Saddle up!” is how the saying goes. I can only tell you that it’s true.:) The horse knows his place. He knows how the world is supposed to be. He doesn’t spend his time trying to be a graceful swan or a mighty lion. He’s not sad that he’s not those things. The horse is cool with being, well…a horse. The best part- he’ll teach you how to be. That’s right. All the things you worry and fret about will go away in his presence. There’s no strife in the velvety softness of his nose, no fear in the rise and fall of his withers, no pain in the scent of his sweat. The horse is waiting to take you away for a while. He’ll teach you.


Great American Road Trip: The Best Way to See the US!

I did it. Well an abbreviated one. I took a road trip with my friend Jeanette. 4400 miles and 10 states later we have become better women. I photographed a wedding on March 31, raced home, unloaded wedding gear, reloaded trip gear and headed to Nashville to meet Jeanette. About 9:30 she bid her husband, cats and dog farewell and we drove west! Being the night owl she took the first shift. The arch of St. Louis hovered over us around 3:00 am but wasn’t lit!!!! What?! I took over about 5:00 and drove on through Kansas City into Kansas. So many people told me what an awful piece of boring Kansas was to drive but they couldn’t have been more wrong! Rolling meadows, flint hills, wind turbines…I was impressed. Maybe I was just high on the euphoric romance of the west! Oh goodness…anyway. I’ll start the image posting with photos from the leg home. I-40 outside Amarillo to the west, just off old Route 66 is Cadillac Ranch. We stopped there on Saturday, Easter eve. We trekked through the windy gusts to the middle of a wheat field where 10 Cadillacs stand buried, end up in the red Texas dirt. You can bring your spray paint leave your mark…until the next person covers it with theirs.