Family Photos: The Barringers; Cincinnati Family Photographer

Barringer 071

The Barringers- one of my favorite family sessions of all time. Not because they were an adorable family, or because we got to be out in the country. Sarah is one of my longest time friends. I was in her wedding four years ago. Yeah FOUR whole years already! There isn’t a day lately I’m not reminded time is a freight train. With their little girl AJ (Allison Joy), Sarah, Jim and I shot all over his grandma’s property on a lovely September morning. What a cute little lady Miss Allison was:)

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Fett Family; Lexington, KY Family Photography; Lifestyle Photography



They are the most important people in our lives. They know us through and through. We can’t deny each other. It’s family. Family sessions are the most interesting. You just never know what kind of dynamic you’re going to get. Completely the case with the Fett family. They have three of the sweetest, most well-behaved kids. Gosh and adorable! I think every time the shutter clicked the picture was fabulous just because they were so cute! After re-scheduling for rain once, the night we did photographs was lovely and not too humid. Such a beautiful family:)

Fett009 Fett014Fett033 Fett045 Fett047 Fett048

Andrew and Rachel: Lexington, KY Family Photographer


I’ve known Rachel for several years now. She’s been a photographer for over 15 years now and I met her when I first moved to Lexington. Full of life and spunk she’s worked some weddings with me and we’ve learned and had many good times together. People like her are so important to have when you work by yourself:)

I was honored to be able to shoot a session for her and her husband of 8 years, Andrew. It was a late fall, overcast/ rainy day but we braved the weather and headed out to Shaker Village for a fun morning shoot. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a morning:) Thanks for all the good times and those to come!

Taylor001 Taylor006 Taylor014 Taylor016Taylor058 Taylor085 Taylor087 Taylor097Taylor113 IMG_2333b

Irwin Family: Lexington, KY Family Photography

Irwin 115

It’s always a joy and privilege to take family photographs of this Lexington, KY family. I’ve known Kate and Scott since before their children were born. It’s so nice to watch their adorable kids grow and develop. We had a wonderful afternoon at Shaker Village laughing and smiling of course!

Irwin 154 Irwin 146 Irwin 135 Irwin 131 Irwin 125 Irwin 119 Irwin 115 Irwin 107 Irwin 092 Irwin 077 Irwin 066 Irwin 060 Irwin 058 Irwin 051 Irwin 031 Irwin 029 Irwin 016 Irwin 013 Irwin 004

Wickline Family: Lexington, KY Family Photography


I couldn’t have asked for a better family to photograph. Don’t they look so happy and chipper? You’d never know it was 10:00 AM, 40 degrees and windy from their pictures:) I photographed Leah and John’s wedding in July of this year. They and their family will make you feel like one of their own. I was so delighted when Leah asked if I would take photos of her immediate family and all the siblings on her dad’s side. They were a fun bunch indeed, not to mention they all look so good together.

Wickline007Wickline010 Wickline011Wickline014 Wickline017 Wickline020 Wickline027Wickline039 Wickline040 Wickline051 Wickline073

Irwin Family: Lexington Kentucky Family Portrait

I’ve known Scott and Kate for many years. We used to work together for the Ichthus Music Festival. Then adorable little Avery waltzed into the world followed by Mr. Cutie Cheeks last year- Jonah. There’s nothing better than watching wonderful people bring more wonderful little ones into the world. You can learn so much from children:)









The Lynns: Lexington, Kentucky Family Portraits

The Lynn family is a most special family to me indeed. I photographed Laura and JC’s most lovely fall wedding a couple years ago. Now they have the CUTEST little man, Alec. In case you can’t tell from his photographs, he’s got the eyes bluer and brighter than Montana skies. What a privilege indeed to watch wonderful families grow:)

Little Ones

There really isn’t anything cuter than Avery Irwin…but there are a few things that tie! Like her new little brother Jonah. He’s going to grow up to be cowboy if her Aunt Molly has anything to do with it.;)

We’re in Trouble Now!

Oh no. My nephew Parker is crawling. He’s only 7 months! Weren’t we all supposed to have a few more months before thinking about socket covers, latching cupboards and sweeping floors daily? But good gray he’s a cutie! If he wants to crawl, we’ll go ahead and let him. Just Parker, please still want to cuddle when you’re tired and don’t wipe our kisses from your chubby little cheeks…for a little while anyway:)




“Lil P”: My Nephew

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails: that’s what little boys are made of. And so I’ll find out soon enough. My first nephew entered the family a little over two weeks ago. He’s trodding maiden ground for he is the first grandchild. My mom had two sisters and dad had two sisters. I have two sisters. Parker, or lil P, is about to be the man of the hour. I couldn’t be more excited! Fishing, camping, teaching him about bugs and the outdoors…this will be fun. Here’s a couple photos from his first two weeks on earth.

already getting tired of being in front of the camera

so cute in his lumberjack outfit

And that’s what little boys are made of!