As Good as Pie

Guilty: I’m behind. I have lots of things to blog about. These photos are from thanksgiving. I have so many things I think would be great for blogging. I even take the photographs for it. This freight train we call time whizzes by me and I get so caught up in the whirl many times I’ll forget to write about it. It’s like the mountain of good ideas. I’m only halfway up it like I’m halfway through so many projects.

What I’m trying to say is I took some photos last fall when I made an apple pie for thanksgiving. I was raised in the country where we made everything. It never dawned on me most people have never had a homemade pie, let alone MADE a pie crust. I doubt the masses even knew crust could be had outside of a pie tin from the freezer section.

It starts with a ball of dough turned out on a floured surface. If you don’t flour the surface, it’ll stick. This will result and frustration and colorful language.

The rolling pin: Yes people actually use these!

It’s important to get the dough thin and even. Sounds easy but takes time and patience. Pie dough that’s too thick is like a biscuit, not a crust. May I emphasize the importance of the rolling pin!

The last part or traditional crust is placing it in the pie pan and “pinching” the edges. I’m not good at uniform pinching. My mom says that makes it look home made:) I’m okay with that. I like to use the left over crust to make cinnamon rolls! Next time I’ll take a picture of those. I wish you could taste them!

I’ve always envied those beautiful “leaf” crusts on the cover of Williams & Sonoma. It was high time I tried it. My sister (b/c sisters are for talking into doing crazy things) and I cut out these little leaves from the leftover crust. We carefully layered them around the edge. BTW: Don’t you just dig my blue pie plate?!

We added three in the middle for a garnish.

It turned out lovely. The edge got a little crispy. Good thing I put a ring of tin foil around it to keep it from burning too bad.

And yes, it was delicious:)