And Sometimes You Need to Shoot in Waders; Lexington Kentucky Photographer


Hair spray, curling irons, lengthy false lashes, tulle, silk, colorful flowers, high heels, brides, grooms- those are the shoots I’m most known for. Not today. Thick mud, rushing creek water, fish, turtles, rocks, science students: that was the recipe of my shoot this morning. If it involves the outdoors, count me in. Count me twice if a body of water is involved. I’ve been on an assignment for Asbury University to shoot the 2 weeks of academic summer camps called Impact U. Equine, Film, Theater, Visual Arts, Adventure, Biology, Music, Creative Writing and Worship Arts are the featured week-long camps.

This morning I found myself donning waders <insert girly squeals of excitement> to photograph the biology camp shocking fish in Hickman Creek. Exploring creeks is one of my all-time favorite things to do. When I was a little girl I was always back playing in the creek behind our house. There are just so many treasures to find!! Crawfish, worms, fish, turtles, fossils…

Waders are a welcomed and nice change to black dress pants, nice shirt and hot rolled hair. It’s not that waders are “oh so comfortable” or “oh so good-looking.” Waterproof is great but that means air proof so sweat rolls down your legs and back. However, they’re like stepping into a vehicle on a one-way trip to adventure. Variety is the spice of life. Well, my life anyway:)





Variety. Some say it’s the spice of life. I completely agree. Too many people find their identity in one thing- their career, their family, their hobby, etc. I like to be

Chris Weiss- Lexington Guitarist and Songwriter: Lexington, Kentucky Lifestyle Photography


If you’re looking for a musician that’s as enjoyable to hang out with as he is to listen to- you’ve got to check out Lexington, Kentucky guitarist and songwriter Chris Weiss. Listening to him run his fingers over the fretboard of his guitar will leave your head spinning. He’s as good of songwriter to boot! I’ve known Chris for several years and his style and stance has blossomed with the support of his family and fans. It’s always a pleasure to be a photographer for his media shots or a concert. Make sure to check him out on his concert tour this summer!



Trigger Finger; Green Thumb



If my life was only filled with photography and weddings I doubt I’d be very interesting. Besides, creativity is spawned through keeping the mind fresh, experiencing activities and ideas! While I do enjoy photographing weddings and life’s most important events, my soul has always been connected to the soil. I just can’t stay out of the garden! Every year I find it has become mysteriously bigger. I just can’t figure out how that happens.;)

The climate and soil here in Lexington, Kentucky is warmer than the Ohio I grew up in. That means a longer growing season. So…my foray into starting seeds indoors has begun on the tail end of a hard. cold winter. When I see the first green begin to poke through the surface it’s like Christmas morning!


Snow in Kentucky

We got snow again this morning in Kentucky! I think we’ve had more snow this year than the past two combined. I took my camera when I let the horses out for Becky this morning and seized the day…or the nose:)

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Mornings: Don’t Miss the Treasures

Nutmeg in the Morning

Most people grimace at the thought of getting up at sunrise. They’ve seen it in photographs and heard about but never have experienced it themselves. The best part of my day happens at the very beginning. Every morning I wake up before the sun and venture outdoors for a walk in the cool, crisp dim light of morning. I gather my thoughts and talk to the Lord as I watch the sun slowly creep over the horizon. It’s like another world, the morning. So much to see and experience. It’s worth the sacrifice of sleeping in…every time:)


Feeling Down? Saddle up!

“Feeling down? Saddle up!” is how the saying goes. I can only tell you that it’s true.:) The horse knows his place. He knows how the world is supposed to be. He doesn’t spend his time trying to be a graceful swan or a mighty lion. He’s not sad that he’s not those things. The horse is cool with being, well…a horse. The best part- he’ll teach you how to be. That’s right. All the things you worry and fret about will go away in his presence. There’s no strife in the velvety softness of his nose, no fear in the rise and fall of his withers, no pain in the scent of his sweat. The horse is waiting to take you away for a while. He’ll teach you.


Good Start to the Season

Its here. The season for family, friends, love, drama, calla lilies, the Electric Slide, tears, bells, ribbon, cake…all the ingredients mixed together to form a wedding. It’s wedding season at Danelle Alexis Photography. March 10 marked the opening day in Louisville. This year will be a busy year for the studio. So many beautiful brides, handsome grooms and their families to photograph. I couldn’t be more honored to share in such a milestone in one’s life. I am indeed blessed. I’ll be posting more of Rachel and Chris’ wedding soon.

Personal Challenge

My therapist weighs over a thousand pounds. I actually see several different therapists. They’re all furry, walk on four legs and prefer peppermints to chocolate or Doritos. However if push came to shove, I bet they’d do some damage to a bag of Cool Ranch. Once a week, I make my way to the barn in my neighborhood and saddle up a horse. Or the pony- don’t be fooled though! Clipper is horse-sized and unless you can post like a pro, he’ll leave you with such a case of saddle sore you’ll be begging for a donut cushion! One look in those cinnamon brown pony eyes and you’ll forget all about it though:) In fact spending time learning to ride and about these great creatures changes a person. To hear the swish of the tail, to smell the scent of their sweat, or to feel the warm velvet softness of their noses on your fingertips takes you away from all that troubles you for a bit. Somehow time with an equine is like a mini-vacation. If you’ve never tried horse back riding or tried and had a bad experience, now’s the time to blaze a new trail or conquer a fear. Instead of spare time watching TV or movies, why not try something new? You may become the next John Wayne. Or you might just discover something about yourself you never knew. You’ll be different. Promise. Send me an email if you’d like to know a great place to ride. I’ll refer you to a great teacher.

Everything Speaks

Many things we just walk by or consider no good anymore. When it loses its shine, newness or apparent usefulness we throw it away. I feel like we do that to people to. This world cares little for the elderly and idolizes youth and being in your 20’s. What an irresponsible, reckless and wondering time for many? What about the wisdom and stories that come with age; the things we see and learn from times gone by. Look at the character and distinguishing things the years bring!

Like these fallen trees I found in the pasture field, there are great lessons to learn. Even taking the time to follow the lines of the bark and explore the dark places with the eyes- its that rest from the troubles of life to imagine something else. What have these trees seen, in the changing seasons, in the moonlight? Packs of prowling coyotes, the birth of calves, heaping snow storms, the development of a nearby subdivision…

Everything can be beautiful. God wastes nothing.


There is beauty even in the things that once were.