Kentucky Bride Magazine: Emily and Daniel’s Wedding Published

If you love the bluegrass state and would like to see some of it’s finest, some of it’s culture- grab a copy of this magazine. Kentucky Bride has some of Kentucky’s real weddings to view and read about. It’s not just the details of the day but stories from the bride and groom about their road to the alter. Such great little love stories:) I photographed Emily and Daniel’s June wedding at Yew Dell Gardens. It’s featured in the current issue. Thanks again Emily, Daniel and the ladies at Kentucky Bride.

The Old Road

off Lexington Rd. toward High Bridge

off Lexington Rd. toward High Bridge

Sometimes you just need to get away…from everything. By taking the railway, the old, you see things that others don’t. Things that are, things that were. It’s another time.


"What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

I find it amusing that even animals have personality. It’s one of the small things that make life delightful.:)


From the Country

Somethings you just gotta let be…especially if you insist on jumping the fence.

Staying Fresh

Taking so many photographs of weddings and engagements it’s hard for anyone not to get burnt out. This is why its important to stay fresh! I do this by looking for little everyday things. How can I make them different? How can I make them stand out or come to life? I live in the country. Agriculture is in my blood. I was going to go explore the pasture, expecting to find some rocks or old bones. Instead I found this curious little fella. I took about 70 shots of him, waiting to get an angle that really showed some personality. I think this does the trick! So cute and fluffy.

Kentucky Love

One more reason to fall in love with Kentucky. We’ve got irresistibly beautiful stables.

Reach Out

That’s one great things about Kentucky- you’ll never be in want of seeing a horse. If you’ve never been around such a large animal it might be intimidating. You’ll find most horses are quite gentle. So go ahead and find one. Reach out and scratch his nose, feel how velvety soft. It’ll make your day…and his:)


Working outside is in my blood. My soul sings to the tune of open pastures and blue skies. To offset all the editing work I do at a computer I decided to make some new friends. I’ve taken up riding. From where I live, I can walk to barn where 30+ horses roam the fields surrounding. I’m doing it for so many reasons. These horses are changing me-they have that effect on people. They will show me things about myself I didn’t know. Somehow the horses know what I need. At the end of the day, they free me. I’m looking forward to this journey.

Lightning Under Water

Newport Aquarium


Wouldn’t you like something unique from your wedding day? This is killer. More images from Annie-Beth and Joe coming soon!

Step Into Greatness

“A man’s dreams are index to his greatness.” -Zadok Rabinwiz