Chris Weiss: Top-Knotch Guitarist: Commercial Band Photography

Music is part of my chemical make-up. I have been a musician myself for most of my life: piano, saxophone, tuba. Nashville feels like home to me. Belmont University is where I completed most of my undergrad. I should only feel so honored when a respected musician asks me to partner with them in creating the photography to go along with their CD. Chris Weiss, a local guitarist, will blow you away. His music talent on the guitar reminds me of many of the guitarists I knew at Belmont. You know, the ones that practiced 5 hours a day. Chris met me at Jacobson Park to start shooting toward a base idea for the album. Two hours later we’d come up with a different concept-better, cooler and just all around awesome! I can’t wait to see and hear the finished product. Try to catch Chris around Lexington when you can!

Worth it's weight in gold

Creative Outlet: Self-portrait

I love to take fun self-portraits! I like to have fun photos to remember the events and weddings I’ve been asked to photograph. Because I generally have a camera (even keep a small Canon point-n-shoot in my purse!) no one thinks to bring one and take my photo. Last night at the Saunders/ Daniels wedding, I was delighted when one of the guests wanted to take my photo! That made my day:)

The get-away vehicle was so shiny and just straight up cool I couldn’t resist! It stretches my brain to think of a way to photograph myself in a way I’ve not done before. Kinda like a drink of icy cool water to get my creative side back on track when I’m frazzled.

Friends until the End

I recently took some photographs for a group of friends at Asbury College. These students were so much fun-willing to try anything! This was the weekend before Thanksgiving and if you’ll notice some of the young women are wearing sandals! I love warm weather!

There is Fun to be Had in Photoshop

Sometimes it’s really fun to create photographs that make you think twice or furrow the brow. What do you think of this? It weirds me out to see myself so many times. LOL! This isn’t difficult and I hope to try it with the bride or couple (depending on time) at the next wedding I photograph. Stay tuned. I’m stoked!


I love the great American West! Frontier stories are my favorite so it’s no surprise I happened to one day put my daydreams into a picture.


A dreamy vintage look.


Just trying something different.


A cartoonish take on things.


Aaron and Sam Take Downtown!

The rain stopped to reveal a beautiful, cool evening; one perfect for an adventurous photographer with an adventurous couple! I must make a confession. Sometimes doing a session outside, downtown can make me feel a bit like MacGyver. Only I have a camera instead of a paper clip. One never really knows what the weather will do (even the weathermen) or if there will be lots of people in the place you want to photograph or even if that place will be accessable to the public! BUT…that’s what makes it so much fun!

It’s even better when I get to photograph people who are up for anything too. That’s exactly who Aaron and Sam were! They are getting married Sept.5 and wanted some nice urban engagement shots. We trekked all over the Victoria Square/Convention Center area to catch some gorgeous light and quaint places. Check what we came up with!



A gorgeous sunset and a gorgeous couple

A gorgeous sunset and a gorgeous couple



Taking a dip in the stars

Taking a dip in the stars

A little fun to show how excited they are to be getting married!

A little fun to show how excited they are to be getting married!

Amy & J


web1 web2

Amy and J have a style all their own and knew exactly what they wanted their e-session photos to look like. Amy told me she wanted to take them somewhere “grungy.” So I put on my explorere hat, hopped in my Jeep and scoured Lexington for somewhere grungy yet safe. Ok, so maybe the half torn-down old warehouse area I found wasn’t that safe to trapse around in sandals but at least we were not in danger of getting robbed or shot. When I saw the bright graffiti covered walls and piles of rubble I knew it was perfect! A special thanks to Barry McNees for letting us use the property.



Then we headed off to Triangle Park for some sweet, romantic poses. It was a marvelous way to end the evening.


Sun spots


My friends are so good to me. While attending Gabe Gibitz‘s, my brother-in-law, CD release party I ran into my friend Jen. I happened to have my camera with me (it’s actually always with me) and wanted to have some fun. The strong, golden light of late evening was too tempting! We walked up the hill on main street and I shot a few images of her. She was doing her best impression of Wilmore‘s Next Top Model. Stares and honks alike came from passersby but we got some beautiful photographs.