Modeling Angel Wings for KivaPix

I had the greatest of opportunities to model angel wings for a photo shoot. This wasn’t just for any photographer. It was for the photographer who has taught me so much about everything “photography.” Bill Morgan of KivaPix sent me a photo of himself wearing a giant pair of angel wings he’d purchased saying he needed the perfect model for them. My first thought: I have the perfect hair for the job! So above is a photograph of myself wearing the feathery beauties:)

We spent about 4 hours shooting on Harry and Eileen’s former koi farm and surrounding areas on a Saturday morning in Lancaster, OH. Bill had a TON of ideas. From a swing, to climbing a tree, getting in a pond, standing on a straw round bale, playing at a church…they are all there!

To see the full gallery of almost 200 images from the shoot go here:

Angel Photo Shoot

Bourbon Trailing With Kentucky Bride Magazine

Kentucky-bourbon. The two words are practically inter-changeable. In May I went with the fantastic ladies at Kentucky Bride Magazine along the Bourbon Trail. I documented their journey through photographs. Gary and Lisa from Mint Julep Tours were our incredibly fun and informative guides along the way. It was two days a bourbon tasting fun! We started with John Brown Cooperage, then Jim Beam and on to the most impressive lunch you’ve ever seen cooked up by the Colonel at the Chapeze House in Bardstown! It was there I had my first real mint julep. Does that make me officially a Kentucky Girl?:)

After lunch we hit Maker’s Mark where we completed the experience by dipping our own bottles. The next began at Woodford Reserve, lunch at Wallace Station and ended at the very Spanish-looking Four Roses.

Over the next month I”ll be blogging and putting up the photos from the trip. In the mean time you can check out the article in Kentucky Bride Magazine. You can pick up a copy at your local Wal-Mart or Barnes & Noble!

More to come!!!

When Life Gets In Your Face

Some days life gets in my face. Other days-it just makes me laugh. Today, I’m choosing to laugh. Take a fun photo today!

Road Trippin’ and Angel Wings

Road Trippin'

Tomorrow I’m headin’ up the highway with my sisters to Columbus. I love road trips. It’s not so much about the destination, but the journey. We’re going to see one of my favorite preachers preach Friday night. My photography mentor, Bill Morgan of Kiva Pix, is setting up a photo shoot. This time it’s different. I’ll be on the OTHER side of the lens. That’s right! I”m the model. He has a lovely fluffy pair of angel wings that needed an angel. My beautiful Barbie blond hair fit the bill perfectly! I am excited-EXTREMELY! This shoot will require me to climb trees, wade in a pond, visit a church and other random things. Stay tuned. Bill is a creative genius!

There’s no Place Like Home

Don’t you just love to see something out-of-the-ordinary? The eccentric can be just what I need to brighten my day or pull me from the monotony wagon train. I appreciate the unusual and unique in wedding culture. Tradition has it’s place-yes:) But I must say, bright pink heels make any wedding complete. Sara had a beautiful idea to match her pink and black theme that came in the form of happy pink kicks!

There's no place like home.

Like real Kentucky girls!!

Creative Outlet: Self-portrait

I love to take fun self-portraits! I like to have fun photos to remember the events and weddings I’ve been asked to photograph. Because I generally have a camera (even keep a small Canon point-n-shoot in my purse!) no one thinks to bring one and take my photo. Last night at the Saunders/ Daniels wedding, I was delighted when one of the guests wanted to take my photo! That made my day:)

The get-away vehicle was so shiny and just straight up cool I couldn’t resist! It stretches my brain to think of a way to photograph myself in a way I’ve not done before. Kinda like a drink of icy cool water to get my creative side back on track when I’m frazzled.

Never a Dull Moment

At your wedding, I’m always “on.” My creativity is on overdrive and never do I stop looking for a moment I can snap an awesome image. I found a particularly beautiful blue ornament hanging from the tent at Kimberly and Andrew’s wedding. I couldn’t resist. Self-portraits are a favorite of mine. So, what was I to do with this shiny, reflective surface? That’s right! Make strange faces and take fun images!

A fun self-portrait

A Note to the Prince Charming

You are the only man good enough for her; the only one she wants to spend her time with. No one can make her laugh like you can. No one can challenge her to be more than she is like you can. You can make her smile bigger and heart flutter faster than the hundreds of other guys she’s met. Of all the men she’s been around, you are the only one she wants to touch and the only one she dreams of being touched by. It’s not just the way you hold her body in your arms but the way you keep her precious heart in your hands. You’ve not once asked her to be perfect because you think she already is. You are the only one she wants to even be close to because she knows you love her-all of her. And she loves you-no matter how stupid the mistakes you make are. It doesn’t mean you won’t argue about things. You probably will! But she’ll be willing to work them out because there is no way she could give up on someone so incredible. You are him! You are the darling Prince Charming Cinderella has waited for.

Published: Easter Card for St. Vincent Du Paul, Cincinnati

I photographed Sarah and Wade’s wedding in December. It just so happened Sarah works for the St. Vincent Du Paul Society in Cincinnati. Every year the organization uses the work from a local photographer for their Christmas and Easter cards. I’m so thankful and excited that Sarah passed my name along because St. Vincent’s decided to use my work! My friend’s little girl Avery was the perfect model for this year’s Easter card.

Thank you Sarah and Wade. Thank you Vincent Du Paul. God works in ways you can never expect. So, hi Cincinnati and happy Easter!

The $27 Paintbrush

There it is. The paintbrush I paid $27 for 2002 while studying art at Belmont University. A person ends up buying all kinds of materials like that in art school. I betcha didn’t know a small brush like that could be so expensive. I can’t remember the brand and I’ve used it so much the writing has long worn off. You’re probably wondering why someone would pay that much for something so small. I say it’s worth every penny. When wet with paint and turpentine, it becomes pin-sharp at the point for precise thin lines! True, I’m biased. I’m an art nerd to the core; hopelessly creative. Painting is something I have done a lot of and still do, especially in the summertime when everything outside is so colorful and full of life. You can learn a lot about photography from painting. Colors, shading, light studies and composition all translate. Photoshop is referred to as digital painting and Illustrator as digital drawing. I dig it all! My hands smell like linseed oil right now:)

Arsenal of weapons