Wedding: Kaitlin and James; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

Frazier565 Kaitlin and James are the sweetest couple. They are both gentle and tender-hearted. There is a genuine caring between them. It was a perfectly warm late September day they chose for their wedding. We began with photos and a first look on the farm where Kaitlin’s sister and brother in law live. The lush green grass and quaint black fences provided the perfect backdrop. A ceremony at Maxwell Street Presbyterian and reception at the Signature Club followed. Decor and flowers by Crist Creona; cake by Martine. Frazier003Frazier042Frazier043Frazier051Frazier081 Frazier085Frazier105Frazier140 Frazier150Frazier157Frazier205Frazier192Frazier220 Frazier247 Frazier256 Frazier277 Frazier254 Frazier286Frazier292 Frazier332 Frazier337Frazier436 Frazier490 Frazier501 Frazier527 Frazier547Frazier802Frazier803Frazier804

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What No Manicure Can Cure: My Green Thumb

It’s time!!! Time for planting and tilling and weeding! It’s what runs through my veins…plants! I come from long lines of farmers on both sides of my family. My garden brings me so much joy I had to share. I planted some basics a couple weeks ago. I’ll spend all summer (when not editing and shooting) taking care of these vegetables:)

You make little mounds of dirt for the zucchini seeds.

Measure between rows for the green beans, sunflowers and zinnias.

I always use a string marker to make sure my rows are straight.

Ahhhh…sunflowers:) Who doesn’t smile at a sunflower?

One by one they’ll pop up with rain and warm sun!

Wedding: Rachel & Chris: Louisville, Kentucky Wedding Photography

When I met them at the church and reception site a month ago it was 19, snowing and the wind was like 30 mph. In as much bubbles and sunshine I could muster I declared in faith it would be 63 and sunny on their wedding date, March 10. Wouldn’t you know…it was! Ans we thank God for that!  Rachel and Chris were married in Louisville at Broadway Baptist Church in March. The reception was at EP Tom Sawyer State Park Lodge. They really are best friends- the way it should be.


Lindsay and Nate: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

If I could have anyone else’s hair it’d be Lindsay’s. It’s so shiny, smooth and the colors are the most delicately woven shades of umbers and reds. There’s no wonder why she’s a great hair stylist in Lexington. It’s even less of a wonder why Nate loves such a dazzling woman. What a lovely couple. From the muted blues in his shirt, down to the turquoise in her cowboy boots, Lindsay and Nate just go together. I went the rolling green hills of Richmond for their engagement shoot. Lindsay is getting married on a hill top on her family’s farm. She’ll walk down the aisle to her handsome groom (Nate) surrounded by the grassy green hills in the distance. I forgot how beautiful it was. It didn’t help that this winter/ spring has been uncharacteristically warm. All the spring flowers were out and Lindsay wanted to make sure she got her photographs with her favorite flower, the buttercup. Some call them daffodils. Southern gals call the buttercups. We took photos all around the quiet countryside ending at a little white country church. What a warm, glorious evening in the country.


Married: Bethany & Randy: Wilmore, Kentucky Wedding Photography

Every bride shold start her day with Starbucks

Bethany married Randy at the Free United Methodist Church in Wilmore. Her earthy green and yellow tones wove beautifully throughout the day. Her family had SO much fun together. I had an incredible time just watching everyone enjoy each other during the wedding day celebration. MANY laughs were had by all.

Confession: my favorite piece of the day was the bouquet and it's queen Anne's lace. I only collected gobs of it in the fields as a kid. It's wild and free:)

Can't help but adore her colors

Bethany's adorable son served as ring bearer

Bethany's maids and friends gathered around her in prayer before the ceremony.

Bethany's grandfather, who officiated the wedding, looks on

The Thoroughbred Center

Pure Joy!

Teach them how to dance

Best catching bouquet reaction ever! Jesse was the life of the party all day!




Lady in a Grand Hall

I often wonder where HDR has a place or even if it has a place in wedding photography. Wedding world, a woman’s world so soft and delicate…does it have room for something so loud, detailed and dynamic? The answer: yes. But those shots are not many and must be carefully crafted in thought, camera set-up and post process. In the end, Caroline is stunning…don’t you think?

Engagement: Jessica & Kell

Jessica and Kell decided to have their two wonderful boys be apart of the engagement photos. After all they are such a huge part of their lives. Jessica’s son is James and Owen is a striking image of his father, Kell.  They were both bundles of energy during our session and there’s no doubt they are both 100% boy. Surrounded by playground equipment and loads of bubbles we all couldn’t help but feel young at heart. I can’t wait until their end-of-April wedding. The boys will be adorable; the bride and groom-stunning:) Love makes a family strong.