Wedding: Erica and Jason; St. Augustine Beach Photography

Griggs Wed 223


What’s more romantic than a wedding? A wedding on the beach! It was not only beautiful but one of the most stress-free and heart-warming events. Erica and Jason live in Utah were Jason was stationed. This was a destination wedding for everyone. The guest list was small with mostly family but that made it so much more relaxed and meaningful. The weather was warm but there was overcast skies just for the ceremony. Took the edge off the Florida sunshine. Even in late April it can be dreadfully hot.

After a lovely blue themed ceremony we had family photos and a wonderful reception at a local historical restaurant- the Raintree. I’d come photograph Jason, Erica and Blaze again anywhere in the country:)

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Wedding: Victoria & Nick; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Ellington 455

Victoria and Nick’s wedding was another very extra special occasion for me. All weddings are special and one-of-a-kind events but when I’ve photographed another family member of the bride or groom before it’s over the top for me. When I met with Victoria and her mom Gladys, we talked details of her wedding day, her current life and how her and Nick met. After a couple hours, we parted ways. I got an email from her a couple days later letting me know they wanted me to photograph their special day. She also noted as her and Nick were talking they discovered I had photographed Nick’s sister’s wedding 5 years ago! What a small world! I couldn’t wait to see Annie and Joe again. The wedding was lovely and almost like a family reunion. The couple had guests from all over attend the Estes Chapel (Weddings at Asbury) ceremony and Red Mile Round Barn reception.

cake- Sugar Forest


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Wedding: Sarah and Jesse; Louisville, KY Wedding, Photographer

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Sarah and Jesse’s wedding was an extra special one for me. I photographed her sister’s wedding nearly 5 years ago. Her family had been through a lot since then. With the sudden loss of her father and a pregnancy with her daughter, Sarah had seen some big life changes. I felt so honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding where she’d marry the love of her life, Jesse. I wouldn’t have turned it down for the world. It was wonderful to see her mom and sister again- like a family reunion. Both so full of life and joy.

The ceremony was held in the front garden of the Peterson Dumesnil House in Louisville. It’s the perfect location for a lovely, stress-free day. Sarah and her maids were also able to get ready upstairs and have the reception on the large front porch. Congratulations Sarah and Jesse!

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Wedding: Sarah and Brandon; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

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Who would have thought it’d be in the mid 40s when it had been in the 70s the week before! Lower temperatures didn’t lower Sarah and Brandon’s spirits on the their April wedding day. Sarah donned a lovely what cape to keep warm on her journey from the Asbury Inn to Estes Chapel where she would have her first look with Brandon. It’s the perfect place for a first look- large clear windows with lots of light pouring in. The couple had a lovely ceremony followed by a reception at the student center across campus.

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Wedding: Morgan and John


Who would have thought there’d be 30-50 mph sustained winds all day in Kentucky in early April. You would have thought we lived in Kansas. The strong winds didn’t hinder the joyful mood of Morgan and John’s long awaited wedding day. I met Morgan at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Frankfort where she and John were both staying and getting ready on separate floors. She’d found a special note from John written on the bottom of her golden wedding heels. It was a verse from Song of Solomon.

It was windy while we took photos before the ceremony but that was NOTHING compared to the wind we met as they were coming out of the church. I couldn’t help but take photo after photo of the couple trying to navigate the gusts as they came out of the church through a tunnel of their guests.

Once we were at Buffalo Trace the wind was blocked a little by the large buildings. We simply could pass up the opportunity to take some moody photos inside the warehouse. It was a lovely day indeed.

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Wedding/ 50th Anniversary, David & Alice; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer


The celebration was set for Saturday, January 23.  We woke up Thursday morning to see a winter storm warning for Friday/ Saturday in the weather forecast. They were calling for up to 14″! Friday morning the skies let loose with 30+mph winds all day and about 8″ of snow. Would the celebration the next day be on?

David and Alice had waited 50 years for a wedding celebration and they weren’t about to wait any longer! See when they were dating David was called up to go to war while Alice was in nursing school. Having no time for a wedding, they went to the Justice of the Peace for an exchange of vows. Now this was back in the day when you had to have a blood test to be married. It took three days to get the results back in KY. They thought in Indiana you go the results back the same day so they drove there to get married. Come to find out you had to wait three days also! So David and Alice took the blood test and drove back to KY to wait. Back to Indiana the third day for the results and a courthouse union. Sadly, it was the same day David had to leave-for a whole year! They didn’t even spend one night together.

So this year, 2016, the Wilsons celebrated 50 years of married bliss by having not only a party but a real wedding ceremony! They didn’t even see each other before the wedding:) It’s still a wonderful, sweet love. It has stood the test of time- the better, the worse, the rich, the poor. What all marriage is designed to be:)


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Wedding: Kara and Brian; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

KaraandBrian 112BW

You don’t happen to hear of too many January weddings, especially those that happen outdoors. Kara and Brian defied the odds with their union. They wanted their shared passion of horses to be apart of their wedding day. They were married in front of their two thoroughbreds’ stalls on a cold- but relatively mild at 32- January afternoon. What a lovely idea:)

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Wedding: Holly & Chase; Danville, Ky, Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer


You couldn’t have asked for a better early November day. Mild temperature with a cool breeze and a little overcast. Holy and Chase were married at a small country church outside Danville. They opted for a first look before the wedding because the daylight would be swallowed by the recent time change. A newly harvested cornfield and a distant tobacco barn was the quaint backdrop for all their images. The two were so much in love, I have to do much directing at all! The reception was held on the opposite side of town at The Showroom- a former car dealership turned banquet hall. I’m sure they’ll be celebrating the day for years and years to come!

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Wedding: Ashley & Bill; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Ashley and Bill 001


Ashley and Bill are both from New York but had been re-located for work in Louisville. Ashley grew up with horses and they both loved the rich heritage and rolling hills of Kentucky. A majority of their guests were coming from out of state so they wanted to a venue that was unique to remember this state by. Of the Castle Post won hands down! Ashley created a unique wedding day that flowed perfectly. Did I mention they ended up getting new jobs in Tucson, AZ and moving just days after the wedding?! What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. ON to new adventures together!

Ashley and Bill 021

Ashley and Bill 010 Ashley and Bill 080
Ashley and Bill 054

Ashley and Bill 034

Ashley and Bill 106 Ashley and Bill 117

Ashley and Bill 034Ashley and Bill 124Ashley and Bill 130 Ashley and Bill 125Ashley and Bill 153Ashley and Bill 147Ashley and Bill 179 Ashley and Bill 176Ashley and Bill 191Ashley and Bill 221Ashley and Bill 269 Ashley and Bill 282 Ashley and Bill 376

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Wedding: Brittany and Ben; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

Crotty 375


Brittany and Ben met at the University of Kentucky. After graduation, and months before their wedding, Ben was transferred to Florida for his job. Of course that made planning a wedding over a thousand miles away quite the feat! When the couples’ long awaited October 2 wedding came it was pouring rain- and didn’t stop all day! No matter, Brittany’s warm smile penetrated through the wet weather. She chose to do photographs at the Signature Club before the wedding at Mary Queen Catholic Church. The reception also followed at the Club. What a wonderful celebration!

Crotty 002 Crotty 010Crotty 028Crotty 044 Crotty 057 Crotty 031Crotty 085Crotty 087Crotty 120 Crotty 125 Crotty 131Crotty 175 Crotty 241Crotty 018 Crotty 020 Crotty 352 Crotty 360 Crotty 358Crotty 371 Crotty 439 Crotty 445