Wedding: Tanya & Jonathan; Lexington, KY Wedding Photography



I couldn’t have been more honored to photograph Tanya and Jonathan’s wedding. Not only had I photographed the weddings of two of Tanya’s friends, her and Jonathan’s families treated me like family:) Those are my favorite weddings.

The couple was married on July afternoon with unusually low humidity for Kentucky. They opted not to see each other before the ceremony at Anchor Baptist Church. They did briefly meet to hold hands and re-assure each other (without seeing) before the ceremony. A reception at the lovely Talon Winery Barn followed. The groom’s aunt created a cake for him reflecting his love for UK basketball. Delicious bar-b-que was catered by, my favorite, City BBQ. Perfect for a rustic, barn event. Thanks again for inviting me to be apart of your day!

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Wedding: Haley & Michael; Louisville, KY Wedding Photography



The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for June; breezy and the mid 70s. The Marcus Lindsey in Louisville looked radiant inside with sunlight streaming through the expansive stained glass windows and outside with the lush, colorful gardens.

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Wedding: Coco and Nick; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer



Coco and Nick celebrated their union in perfect Kentucky style. Though he is from the land of Wisconsin and she is from that far away land they call California, the couple chose the bluegrass state to make their love solid. Coco and Nick both were brought here by the equine industry. It’s only natural a love for horses would draw them together. They’d originally had planned using their two horses, Dream and Bill, in the ceremony. An unfortunate accident left Dream with only one eye. Being concerned for her safety, they opted not to have her or Bill join the festivities. I don’t blame them at all.

The ceremony and reception were lovely; an intimate affair with 14 family members. Outdoors, under a canopy of trees at the west end of Shaker Village. Trailing rock fences, board fences, ancient building and grassy meadows served as a beautifully decorated backdrop to their union. The sounds of the hills could be heard from a bluegrass band, Shades of Grass. As usual the chef at Shaker Village served up a delicious dish containing potatoes and asparagus fresh from the garden. The Sugar Forest created the most mouth-watering confection around- a 3-tiered cake. Local honey and miniature Maker’s Mark bottles were set as favors.

A small wedding but the quality of atmosphere and enjoyment by all was immense! Coco and Nick are two of the nicest, down home people around. They come from wonderful families. Many congrats and thank you for inviting me to be apart of it!

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Wedding: Alison and Justin


Mid-30s and not a cloud in the sky. Breezy but a warm sunshine blazed overhead. Sounds like a great late March day for a bundled up hike or a stroll through the park but an outdoor wedding? At a beautiful location like the Kentucky Horse Park why not?! Alison and Justin decided to brave the chilly temperatures for their long-awaited wedding day and it couldn’t have been more fun! It had rained a couple inches the week of the big day and the typical spot in “the cove” was too muddy. We used that area for a first look and bridal party photos. Then it was off to various locations around the park for photo opps. You just can’t believe how many wonderful places you can take images the park has!

The guests lingered in the heated tent up until the last minute then were ushered to their seats where warm, fuzzy blankets were provided for extra warmth. The nuptials took place in front of the water jump by Rolex stadium. So iconic of Lexington.:)

The reception was decked out with spring flowers from Michler’s, BBQ and cake created by the groom’s sister-in-law formerly of Sweet Serenade. She now uses her caking talent for Sweet Lilu’s in Versailles.


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Wedding: Kelsey & Jeremy; Huber’s Orchard, IN Wedding Photography


Kelsey and Jeremy were wed in December at Huber’s Orchard on one of the fewer “nicer” days that happened to reach into the 40s. All the ladies were such troopers as Kelsey wanted to head to the orchard for photographs. The royal blue popped under overcast skies. This was a lovely couple and couldn’t have been happier to be united. Congratulations!

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Re-Post: Wedding: Tracy and Cliff: Frankfort, KY Wedding


This week I decided to re-post one of my all-time favorite weddings: Tracy and Cliff. If it’s not because of all the beautiful details they’d carefully planned, it’s because of their smiling faces and happiness for one another:) They are just all around a fun and wonderful couple to hang out with. There were so many perfect images my blog could have gone on forever! I couldn’t have asked for a better day to be apart of. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


Tracy and Cliff had lovely wedding at Buffalo Trace in Frankfort. Tracy planned all the little details perfectly right down to her boots. Which I have to admit- I was a little jealous of! Their two cute dogs served as flower girl and ring bearer. Yes Baxter carried the real rings! What a blessing to be a part of such a beautiful day:)

Dog Handlers and Boarding :Animal Resorts and Training Center    Cake: Tinkers       Catering: Type A Catering

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Wedding: Kaitlin and James; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

Frazier565 Kaitlin and James are the sweetest couple. They are both gentle and tender-hearted. There is a genuine caring between them. It was a perfectly warm late September day they chose for their wedding. We began with photos and a first look on the farm where Kaitlin’s sister and brother in law live. The lush green grass and quaint black fences provided the perfect backdrop. A ceremony at Maxwell Street Presbyterian and reception at the Signature Club followed. Decor and flowers by Crist Creona; cake by Martine. Frazier003Frazier042Frazier043Frazier051Frazier081 Frazier085Frazier105Frazier140 Frazier150Frazier157Frazier205Frazier192Frazier220 Frazier247 Frazier256 Frazier277 Frazier254 Frazier286Frazier292 Frazier332 Frazier337Frazier436 Frazier490 Frazier501 Frazier527 Frazier547Frazier802Frazier803Frazier804

Wedding: Amber & Derek: LExington, KY Wedding Photographer


Amber and Derek were wed on a beautiful, warm September day in Lexington, KY. They chose to have their first look at the site of their ceremony, Central Christian Church. After after photos at the church, the entire bridal party boarded the party bus for some picturesque wedding photography around downtown. The couple celebrated their union with an elegant reception at Hilary J. Boone Center. Gorgeous purples and whites designed by Crist Creona Designs lit up the venue. Beautiful cake created by Martine.  Congratulations to a lovely bride and groom!

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Wedding: Christina and Jason; Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer


Christina and Jason love the eccentric. They’ve both done their share of traveling so they’ve seen many unusual places. It was only fitting they both settled on the Castle Post for their wedding. It was perfect for the creative flair and style! She’s from Virginia and he’s from Louisville. They’ve lived in towns all over the country so I don’t think one guest was from Lexington. How delighted their guests were to celebrate the wedding at a castle! What a fun-loving couple. I don’t think I could have enjoyed their family any more. Congratulations!

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Wedding: Stephanie & Zach; Cincinnati, Ohio Wedding Photographer


Stephanie and Zach wed on a warm August day. The ceremony was in Lebanon and the reception was held in Forest Park.

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