Engaged: Barb and Scoot; Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Barb and Scott138

You can’t be unhappy and skip at the same time. Neither can you be around Barb and Scott and be unhappy at the same time. With Scott’s infectious laugh and Barb’s constant smiles they are a couple full of joy. I couldn’t have been more delighted to spend a few hours with them. I found early on Barb and I have a unique connection! She is studying to get her Phd for dairy science at UK and I grew up on a dairy farm. How excited was I when she asked if we could do some engagement photos on the UK dairy property? I’ve experienced a lot of things over the years as a photographer but I’d never had a calf nibble on my gear until that evening:) Time well spent! Can’t wait for their wedding in a couple weeks!

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