Engaged: Cassie and Brian; Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Cassie and Brian221

Cassie invited me to come to her farm north of Georgetown for engagement photos and family photos of her and Brian. I knew it’d be beautiful there but I had no idea it’d be so quaint and rolling. With an old house and barn that over looked towering hills, valleys and a creek I was in heaven. The golden autumn even ing sunshine kissed each image with a romantic glow. We took the gator through wooded areas, thorny fields and high hills. So fun! One of my favorite sessions yet!

Cassie and Brian122 Cassie and Brian137 Cassie and Brian144 Cassie and Brian127Cassie and Brian154 Cassie and Brian160 Cassie and Brian163 Cassie and Brian174 Cassie and Brian177 Cassie and Brian180 Cassie and Brian202 Cassie and Brian197 Cassie and Brian190 Cassie and Brian187Cassie and Brian223Cassie and Brian228Cassie and Brian229Cassie and Brian235Cassie and Brian245