Engaged: Monteia & Lewis, Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer

Moteia & Lewis: the kind of people you feel comfortable around right away. They are best good pals and fit so well together. Their family and friends are going to make a November wedding completely wonderful! We began the session in a friend of the family’s amazing backyard garden and ended at Keeneland.

I asked Monteia to write a paragraph on how Lewis proposed:

“Lewis & I met through mutual friends.  The real story is in the proposal: We had been together a little over 2 years and we started talking about getting engaged.  I am in law school up near Cincinnati & he works in Lexington, so we started casually looking at rings on weekends.  I knew I wanted something unique because I don’t like having the same thing as everyone else, so that was a challenge.  Finally, we went into a jewelry store & I spotted this gorgeous 5 carat stacked ring that I fell in love with because it was not only gorgeous but so different from the typical engagement ring.  For the next couple months, every ring I would see I would compare to that ring & I would decide against it.  One day, Lewis informed me that he had called the jewelry store and they sold the ring that I loved; it was the only one & they could not get any more, so he would have to get me something else.  He also led me to believe that he would not be buying a ring for a little while.  A couple weeks later, I was right in the midst of finals & I came home to Lexington for the weekend to rest before the next week of finals.  My mom suggested that we go out to eat at our country club.  I was hesitant because I was so exhausted & stressed, but I agreed.  I fixed my hair, did my makeup, put on a dress & a fur jacket (it was December & very cold), & was standing in front of my dresser putting on my jewelry.  My little puppy, Stella, push the door to my room open and come in.  I looked down at her & noticed a giant red & gold bow bigger than her head was tied around her neck – tied in that bow was my ring! It was the 5 carat stunner I had fallen in love with! I was shocked.  Lewis then came into my room, got down on one knee & said “will you marry me”? I still couldn’t believe it; I kept saying “really?” “seriously?” before I said “of course!”  Afterwards, we kissed & I said “I thought you said they sold that ring?” – he said “they did…to me!”  I ran downstairs (carefully, I was in heels) to tell my parents, whom he had asked some time ago for my hand & they were in on the whole plan.  The 4 of us got in the car & went to our country club to celebrate!  It was the most perfect engagement to the most perfect man :) I am so blessed!! ”