Everything Speaks

Many things we just walk by or consider no good anymore. When it loses its shine, newness or apparent usefulness we throw it away. I feel like we do that to people to. This world cares little for the elderly and idolizes youth and being in your 20’s. What an irresponsible, reckless and wondering time for many? What about the wisdom and stories that come with age; the things we see and learn from times gone by. Look at the character and distinguishing things the years bring!

Like these fallen trees I found in the pasture field, there are great lessons to learn. Even taking the time to follow the lines of the bark and explore the dark places with the eyes- its that rest from the troubles of life to imagine something else. What have these trees seen, in the changing seasons, in the moonlight? Packs of prowling coyotes, the birth of calves, heaping snow storms, the development of a nearby subdivision…

Everything can be beautiful. God wastes nothing.