From NashVegas, With Love

Nashville, Music City, USA: the place where music dreams are made, dreams are broken. It’s the place where mine were unfortunately the latter of the two. My dream wasn’t to be a music superstar but to be someone great, greater than I thought I was. Ten years ago I started college in Nashville to study music. I soon found that on the quest to be the best, music had consumed my life. So much so I really wasn’t living anymore. Suffocating, dying, stretched too thin-I had to give up my music.

Somewhere along the line I lost myself, my true art self. I had quit creating visual art-too dangerous. With music, I could read the notes on the page well and it could be exactly what people wanted to hear. It made sense, fit exactly into a harmony or part. It’s like safe, instant gratification. With art, there’s not really a formula-no perfect place or mold to create something. It’s all subject to someone else’s ideals or opinions. Scary stuff. I ignored the road less traveled far too long. I found myself in a place where the 2/3’s rule is more important than the golden rule. I became an artist again.

Anyway, I spent a long absence away from Nashville and all it meant. I went back last weekend for the first time in 7 years to shoot an engagement session. It is STILL a great place. I forgot how artsy and music-filled it is! It was a perfect Saturday night that we walked the strip. An unseasonably warm January night in the 50’s saw every bar with its doors wide open, bands roaring from inside. Street musicians littered the sidewalks. Folks were all laughter and smiles. It was 10:30 and the part was just getting started. Yes, Nashville is a great city!

a pano of Nashville along the Cumberland

Twinkling city at night

western gear for sale

street musician

I found some cool text on 2nd

when in in Rome...

I’ll be going back soon. Don’t worry. I’ll send you a postcard from Nashville, with love.