Gabe Gibitz: Guitarist/ Songwriter

I recently- well a month ago (I’m very behind on blogging)- I took photographs for a local musician/ songwriter, Gabe Gibitz. He just released his third record, “I’ll Fly Away.” It was my pleasure to take the photographs on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon. We walked out into an open field where it was dry enough to lay down and take a cat nap in the sun when we were done shooting. What’s better than that- besides drinking straight from the hose?:) Please visit his web site for full details!

Here is Gabe’s short bio:

For over 6 years, Gabe Gibitz has been leading the Church in worship. In the summer of 2002, Gabe went down to Mexico on a mission trip, where the Lord completely rearranged his life. It was there that he met Abbie (his future wife) and was given a passion to write music and lead others in worship.

After he married Abbie, the Holy Spirit began to do a major work in him, teaching him what truly was important in worship. He learned that it was the anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit that truly makes worship powerful. Both he and Abbie now lead worship together. They live in Wilmore, Kentucky with Toby, their Keeshond. If you would like for them to lead worship at an event in the future, you can contact them through their website. Also, if you’re interested in seeing your dreams fulfilled, Abbie just started her own career and life coaching business! Be sure to check out her website as well.