Horse Mania Challege Continues: Lexington, KY


So here’s some more horses.  I know: 7 down, 75 to go:) Like I said, ‘how the west was won.” lol It’s hard to get great shots when they are DESTROYING the downtown area.  I felt like every horse would have a bright orange cone or a parade of caution tape in the background of the photo. There were some great angles I wanted but I felt intimidated by all those construction workers/ and or random slew of men staring at me. I shouldn’t care-it’s public property. Besides, it’s my job to report things creatively with a camera-as a photographer and artist.  But anyway, here’s my fav so far-Starry Night horse. Vinnie would be so honored!


Keeneland Experience

Keenland Experience

Silver Rose

Run For the Rosaries

Digital Horse

Danelle Alexis Photography

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